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Municipal Portal concello de Parla

  • Short Name:
    The Municipal Portal aims to modernise municipal management and promote citizen participation update, management of formalities on-line and access to places of interest to the user.
    Target audience:
    Citizen, Company
    Agencies Responsible:
    Parla City

    Loneliness Fernández
    Computer Service director
    91 624 0335

    Mikel Pagola
    91 624 0412
    Technical Mayor Cabinet

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Management systems and services
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:



    • Develop a culture for the participation of citizens to expand the vision and intervention in municipal affairs, giving them the possibility of conducting claims, complaints, suggestions and complaints to evaluate and assess the degree of satisfaction of citizen with the actions that are being carried out in your city. In short, allowing the citizen can carry out a check on municipal management and the creation of open spaces for the valuation of the same.
    • Create a quick channel of communication with the citizen, creating a working environment optimized so that the employee of the Municipality has all the tools and processes to energize the information for the citizen and other public administrations.
    • Mejorar el intercambio de información, tanto interno, entre los diferentes Departamentos, Servicios y Concejalías del Ayuntamiento de Parla, como externo, con el resto de las Administraciones Públicas, facilitando, de este modo, la tramitación de los procesos administrativos.
    • Enhance the development of the information society acting as a channel of communication in multiple directions. Through the publication and management of content in all directions possible (B2E, E2B, E2E) the information will be made in common with the rest of the social and labour community, creating a knowledge base.
    • Promote an image of integral Municipal Administration and homogeneous while Agile, efficient and close; always attentive to the needs and expectations of citizens and ready to improve on those aspects that they deem necessary.
    • Facilitate the citizen access to the services provided by the Council. Access to information and services will be instant and may be conducted from anywhere and at any time. Services will be the same as the City offers in your office citoyen presencial way, so that we can speak of a Service integral Citizen, avoiding unnecessary.
    • Align Municipal organization to the growing needs and demands of users, employees and citizens, guaranteeing them a rapid response, personalized and appropriate to their demands.


    El desarrollo de la Sociedad de la Información y la gran aceptación que han tenido las nuevas tecnologías por parte de los ciudadanos, ha repercutido positivamente en la opinión pública originando una demanda continuada a la Administración Pública de nuevos servicios; El ciudadano no sólo quiere tener una información completa y actualizada, también demanda la tramitación de los procedimientos administrativos a través de Internet. La administración local debe ser consciente de los cambios en los modelos y expectativas de participación ciudadana, y tratar de ofrecer canales y recursos que satisfagan las demandas ciudadanas.

    The use of new information technologies and communication are a key strategic environment for the organization, advocacy and action of proposals citizens. The Administration should not stay behind in the use and promotion of these technologies whether to match the times and aims to be a valid interlocutor in this increasingly globalized world, and in which the “ Local ” must find its own space if you intend to meet the needs of its citizens.

    The need for interaction with citizens, local communities and the NGOs is shown as one of the reasons justifying the launch of a Municipal Portal effective and accessible. The possibilities offered by new technologies, open new paths for innovation and modernisation of municipal management and communication with citizens in the double ciudadano-cliente perspective, and ciudadano-gestor. For this initiative plays the profile of the population of Parla, defined by his youth (more than 50% of the population is under 35 years). This implies greater familiarity in the handling of the TIC, and better predisposition to the use of this channel.
    Indeed, it has been found in the various studies that the City carries out between different social groups of the locality (in order to obtain information about the needs and satisfaction of citizens of Parla), demand implies in an important sector of society parleña of a Web page that becomes the dimensions of the citizen's Portal. Demand that is based on the need, on the one hand, knowing the handheld municipal administrative times, obligations citizens, state aid, i.e. the need for information; and on the other to interact with the administration without having to move to its dependencies (taxes and fees, file claims and complaints, make proposals, etc).

    While the current supply municipal telematics has facilitated and approached administration in time and space, it is not enough, and does not satisfy the needs of citizens of Parla. So, what the Municipal Portal is modernizing municipal management and offer through the network the largest number of facilities to participate in local life, offering to the extent possible a virtual reflection of what already exists at classroom level (Service Citizen, attention in the different concejalías, participation in the sectoral councils and Neighborhood, taxes and levies, collection of information, knowledge of the municipal agenda, know the news generated around the city, etc). Therefore seems reasonable power to define a Municipal Portal, which gradually you grab these expectations.

    In parallel, and with the aim of achieving familiarize those with more difficulties for the handling of new technologies (elderly for example) have begun to define training workshops and initiation in internet, some of which serve to the intergenerational integration to the extent that place in the same space for the elderly with children doing more natural the process. It is aware that not everyone has access to a computer or internet in your own home, which are enabling free access spaces in the different equipment and utilities.
    The municipality of Parla aims to tackle with this project, the launch of an information system

    • Modernize its administrative management, launching transactional administrative processes within the framework of the information society both for citizens and businesses
    • Facilitate the use and access to information, making the Municipal Portal a means of information and use management increasingly attractive and widespread for citizens.

    De esta forma llegaremos a tener una administración más próxima, más ágil y capaz de prestar unos servicios públicos de mejor calidad que sean accesible a todos.


    Los requisitos técnicos necesarios para la utilización de los resultantes del Municipal Portal are the following:

    • Disponer de un ordenador con conexión a Internet. Aunque es preferible disponer de una conexión de alta velocidad, los usuarios normalmente podrán acceder a la mayor parte de los materiales con conexiones por MODEM. No obstante, con estas últimas, se tardará mucho más tiempo en descargar los materiales.
    • The Municipal Portal is accessible from both platforms Windows as Macintosh and Linux.
    • Is necessary for navigating the Municipal Portal for some browsers available on the market, such as: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Konkeror, etc.
    • Software needed to visualize the materials:
    1. Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    2. Microsoft Excel.
    3. Microsoft Word.
    4. Image viewer.
    • Finalmente, es necesario disponer de un certificado digital expedido por la FNMT para poder realizar cualquier trámite online ofrecido por el Portal Municipal que así lo requiera para la identificación del usuario.

    Technical requirements for the use of the resulting from Intranet are the following:

    • Disponer de un ordenador con conexión a la red Interna del Ayuntamiento.
    • A Intranet se puede acceder tanto desde plataformas Windows como Macintosh y Linux.
    • Es necesario contar con algún navegador, tal como Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
    • Es necesario contar con el software necesario para visualizar los contenidos, tales como Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.


    Mediante el uso de las nuevas tecnologías el Ayuntamiento de Parla quiere ampliar sus infraestructuras añadiendo a su gestión factores claves como: rapidez, eficacia, rentabilidad, transparencia, accesibilidad... por medio del desarrollo e implantación de su Portal Municipal diseñado en forma de ventanilla única dirigida tanto a ciudadanos, como a asociaciones, empresas y empleados.

    Furthermore, the citizen's Portal as part of the Municipal Portal, can be one of the most effective tools to combat inequalities to the currently facing our society. This assertion is based on the development of new technologies allows eliminating the concept of espacio-tiempo; space and time are one of the greatest inequalities generators of society of the 21st century.
    The introduction among the citizens of the citizen's portal will generate the emergence of virtual communities, communities that are not limited by time or space, consisting of people who come to them to bring their experiences, their experience or their needs. All this information is shared and collective unleashes actively participating in the structure of society. Allows You To give voice to those who until now did not have an effective means of communication.

    The Portal of the citizen allows to these Virtual Communities collective access until now almost marginalized

    • Minorities
    • Immigrants
    • Community members abroad

    All these collectives, find an interactive mode to participate and express themselves. It is a way of integration
    contains itself no limitation. One possibility open to all and at all times.

    On the other hand, the most important feature of Municipal Portal is undoubtedly going to ensure access to their
    contents to all social actors. It is therefore absolutely necessary to remember and put special attention in those groups of people with some kind of disability. If the information must be able to reach all means that thanks to the development of technology should be allowed access to those people who have some kind of disability. Without the possibility of reaching and encapsulate these people, the portal of the citizen could not arrive in its entirety to meet the goal of eliminating all kinds of inequalities.

    El Portal Municipal sitúa a todos los ciudadanos con paridad de oportunidades para encontrar trabajo, acceder a una educación y acceder a la cultura.

    The Municipal Portal must generate integration and the elimination of barriers. Only through achieving these goals will be achieved the participation of the whole of citizenship, acting as the true value to this instrument offered by the information society.



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