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  • Functional description

    The Portafirmas is a tool to generate flows of signature and electronically sign documents, using the digital certificate of the signatory.

    Portafirmas functionality

    • Access to the application according to different profiles:
      • Access. Only gives access to the application.
      • Drafting. Allows You To write requests.
      • Signature. it allows for signing petitions.
      • Located administrator. Access to the options for managing usaurios from headquarters in question.
      • Administrator. Role of total administrator of the application.
    • Management of petitions in different trays according to the state of the same.
    • Definición de etiquetas para organizar las peticiones de firma dentro de las bandejas.
    • Search for requests.
    • Predefined filters of requests.
    • Drafting of flows of signature.
    • Signature of documents.
    • Download the signing of the document and signature reports with Code verification Insurance (CSV).
    • Templates generation of requests for signing.
    • Possibility to invite users to Portafirmas.

    User Manual (Opens in new window)

    Portafirmas Web Services

    Moreover is available for users who wish to intergrar their applications with the Portafirmas, a series of Web Services automatic transmission of requests.

    Web Services Portafirmas guide (Opens in new window)


    Technical Description

    The requirements for the functioning of Portafirmas are as follows:

    • Database: Oracle 10G or higher.
    • Java Virtual Machine JDK 1.5.0 or higher.
    • Application server: Apache Tomcat.
    • @Firma Miniapplet/Self-Signature.
    • Access to Hibernate-JPA database.
    • View model Driver: Spring-MVC
    • Implementation: Thymeleaf


    Portafirmas is released under a license EUPL _ 1.1

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General access point

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