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SILVER - machine translation Platform

  • Short Name:
    The Platform for automatic translation of the General secretariat of Digital Administration. (Silver) comes to cover the need to provide the portals of SGAD a platform of translation of texts / documents / htmls to present the content to citizens translated with a minimum level of quality in cooficial languages and English.

    Based on translation engines opensource (Moses, Apertium), enables automatic translation of web portals cooficial languages and Spanish, Portuguese or French from texts in Spanish

    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Network service insertable in customer applications



    There is a distribution list for users of silver through which are broadcast notifications on:
    - new versions
    - changes in the platform
    - patches
    - problems relevant / bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list , you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using Silver. To register you can use the following link (Opens in new window) .

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic area:
    Technical area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP
    Functional area:
    Not implemented
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    Programming language:
    Operating system:


    The SILVER system allows the translation of the contents of the portals via web services. Being completely transparent to the citizen.

    Moreover, is integrated with the translation service of the European commission (MT@EC).

    You can:

    Define the translation of a word or a text for a language and specific user.

    - Recognition of name of entities

    - Indicate directions urls that although there are within the portal integrated with silver, when you access the page, since integrated Portal, silver will perform their translation.

    - Specify directions urls that although are within the portal integrated with silver, when you go to the page from the Portal integrated, Silver will not perform its translation.

    - To determine the number of pages that are cached, for each usuarios-portales recorded in the system.


    31 October 2016

    New version 2 machine translation Platform Silver Unshade accordion

    The new version 2 of silver provides improvements as:

    • Highest quality in the translation by optimizing its operation and the generation of new “corpus ” for the different languages that handle their two engines (Apertium and Moses).
    • New language pairs in the engine Apertium: Castilian – Portuguese and French – Spanish

    • Integration with the system MT@EC, platform for translation of text that provides the European commission. The integrated portals in silver can be
      benefit of translation services that MT@EC is accessible, without the need for further development.

    08 March 2016

    The portal EUGO adheres to the platform SILVER Unshade accordion

    Since last week the portal EUGO ( translates your dynamic content to Catalan, Galician and Portuguese through the platform silver from the direction of information technology and communications (DTIC) of MINHAP.

    This translation is done to the flight through the automatic translation system that facilitates SILVER translations from English into different languages with adequate quality for use by the portals of public administrations.

    08 March 2016

    Use of silver Unshade accordion

    The current SILVER platform for automatic translation of the General administration of the state has recently integrated EUGO portal for automatic translation of its contents. This portal joins the list of websites that today used SILVER as their translation system of web content.

    Agencies and portals using Silver:

    • Secretariat of state of Public Administration - MINHAP
    • Overall speech the state administration - MINHAP
    • Justice ministry
    • Ministry of industry, energy and tourism
    • Spanish agency data protection
    03 December 2013

    SILVER translates the General gateway Unshade accordion

    The portal PAG has been integrated with silver for the translation of its pages to cooficial languages.

    02 December 2013

    SILVER translated into the complete Electronic Administration Portal Unshade accordion

    PAe - has integrated your system with silver for the translation of all its pages cooficial languages and English. this way PAe becomes the first portal to translate all its contents with the machine translation platform Silver.


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