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Web Signature gateway

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    The gateway for Web Signature CRM is a Web application that integrates different systems of electronic signature, with the aim of facilitating the user the choice of a system that best suits your needs, from a common signature environment, homogeneous and independent of the service provider.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Installable product
    Service in network to end user

    Daniel Sánchez Martínez (
    Project leader E-government – CRM

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    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
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    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Technical, Legal
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    La Universidad de Murcia ha desarrollado el proyecto “Pasarela de Firma Web (PFW)”, para la implantación de una pasarela Web de firma electrónica que integra, inicialmente, 5 soluciones diferentes de firma electrónica. Son las siguientes.

    - Client Autofirm@ tool the MINHAFP, from cooperation agreements between MINHAFP and CRUE where the university in Murcia actively participates. This new tool facilitates the signature with certificates and cryptographic cards on client computers replacing Java applets.

    - APPs for mobile Portafirmas to support synchronous signature processes to the processing, for instance, when a professor fill in a record and must firmarla- and integration without contacts with cryptographic devices of new generation (TUI and DNIe 3.0) with NFC interface Android devices.

    - Centrally signature for groups of public employees. For the safe management of certificates of public employee in the cloud.

    - Cl@ve-Firma de MINHAFP, todavía en fase piloto, permite la firma centralizada por parte de los ciudadanos que, de forma voluntaria, se hayan adscrito al sistema.

    - Sistema de firma basado en el sistema de identificación con cuentas UM , a partir de la posibilidad que regula el artículo 10.3 de la Ley 39/2015. Para ello se ha realizado una regulación expresa de la Universidad al respecto, que además adecua los procesos de actualización fehaciente del número de teléfono móvil de los interesados, que se constituye en segundo factor de autenticación en operaciones de firma electrónica.


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