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Web Signature gateway

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    Integrated applications
    • Electronic Register
    • Human resource Portal
    • Virtual Classroom
    Integrated tape
    • Presentation of a basic instance
    • Exercise of the rights of the organic law of data protection
    • Provision of final character positions
    • Social aid
    • Completion of record of subject of official title
    • Diligence to record of subject of official title
    • Completion of record of subject Senior classroom
    • Diligence to record of subject Senior classroom
    • Completion of student record subject to mobility programme
    • Diligence to record subject to student mobility programme
    • Cumplimentación de acta de trabajos de fin de grado o máster
    • Diligencia a acta de trabajos de fin de grado o máster

    Period: 15/02/2017 - 24/07/2017

    Signature system

    The signature applications

    Self-signature 5619
    Mobile Portafirmas 215
    Centrally signature 278
    Account UM 5533

    Functional description


    The Web Signature gateway integrates multiple systems of electronic signature and offers a API REST of integration for service providers (SPs). When a user needs to sign a document, the SP began the process of signing against the catwalk, which returns a URL for single use only, which is redirected the user to sign your document, one way equivalent to operating the portals identification or the payment gateways.

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    The CRM has prepared a decoupled version of its backoffice, which facilitates its introduction to other government agencies. This version has the following characteristics.

    • Format support signing XAdES-EPES.
    • Embedded module for the signature with the client Autofirm@ (Opens in new window) .
    • Integration with the system of centralized signature SIAVAL Safecert (Opens in new window) .
    • Integration, in evidence, with Cl@ve-Firma (Opens in new window) .
    • Sistema de firma basado en la integración con un sistema de identificación CAS (Opens in new window) .
    • Profile of administration, for the configuration and monitoring.
    • Possibility of integrating pre-firma modules and additional post-firma, sensitive to the needs of business of the agency.


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    Main benefits

    • El usuario percibe el proceso de firma de forma homogénea desde cualquier aplicación del organismo.
    • The user can choose between different systems of electronic signature.
    • Applications are abstraen the complexities of integration and support the processes of signature and focus on your business.
    • The incorporation of new systems, policies and formats of signature is transparent to applications.
    • The agency can manage and audit centrally the use of their systems of electronic signature.


    PFW - request for signing

    Technical Description

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