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Petitions of Material (PeMat)

  • Functional description

    The application of requests for Material has as main features:

    • Applications for material: The staff accesses a complete form where specify their needs of material, your contact details, the destination of the order and other comments.
    • Monitoring of applications: Applicants of material may see in every moment where they stood in each of your orders.
    • Processing on three levels : Once the application, a department responsible must approve it after his revision, and a third level responsible of material (or equivalent oficialía) must validate that provides the material requested.
    • Edition of applications Responsible: both the department responsible as the end of the material have the ability to modify the request according to their criteria of necessity or availability.
    • Notifications : Is notified via email to the various involved in managing the cambiosde state that goes suffer each application.
    • Split in departments/units: You can configure any number of independent units of processing within the agency, each with its own responsible management.
    • Centrally categorization: The entire organization shares categories and subcategories of material, which facilitates centralized exploitation of petitions managed.

    Technical Description

    The application of incident management is a development own whose origin part of the delegation of government in Madrid and has been developed by the SGTIC of the MAP.
    This application is designed to a Web environment and characteristics underlying such development are:

    • MySql 5 : database of the application
    • Apache 2 : web server with SSL activated
    • 5: PHP for the development of the user interface shown in HTML.
    • Symfony 2.1: development framework PHP
    • AJAX: for the acceleration of parts of the user interface, uses the bookshop javascript Dojo
    • HTTP: as communication protocol, you can also use HTTPS.
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