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Platform user Authentication - government of aragón

  • Functional description

    The beijing platform for user authorisation and applications (PAU) contains all information relating to applications, the roles by application and their actions, information management groups, with its procedures, as well as information on how public employees and own applications of our system with all these entities.

    The purpose of this system is providing the rest of initiatives was a sure way to certify users and applications and obtain the data needed to be able to work with them in its various applications, as well as to obtain information on the applications, procedures and management groups and that any such information can be centralized at the same point as an engine.

    To achieve that end, the system provides:

    • Services/Core of user authorisation (PAU _ Core): Services to enable published the external applications to the system to take the functionality provided by the same.
    • Implementation of Administration (PAU _ Admin): Implementation with web interface that allows to manage the required information in the system, as well as the consultation among all this activity occurring in the same.

    For more information should be available at:

    Discussion paper

    Technical Description

    For the design of the architecture of PAU had followed the design patterns are most widespread as architectures J2EE in different layers. The layers of implementation are as follows:

    • Presentation layer : responsible for the user to interact with and providing information. For this layer has been elected Struts2 framework which implements the widespread MVC design pattern or Modelo-Vista-Controlador. Where:
    • View: JSP's using tags (JSTL Struts2 or tags) and tiles to define templates, has also been used AJAX technology to accelerate response times
    • Model: different Actions defined
    • Driver : Dispatcher provided by the framework Struts2
    • Ozone Negocio-Servicios : para la capa de negocio se utiliza el framework de Spring para inyectar las dependencias. Para la generación de los servicios web que expondrán las funcionalidades de PAU al exterior se utiliza CXF.
    • Ozone data access : for the management of the ozone data is used the framework Hibernate with the use of the hole pattern DAO.

    External components that interacts are as follows:

    • Beijing platform for Electronic Signature (ASF)
    • The system for the identification of Users (SIU)
    • System of alert management (GHS)
    • List of processes

    La aplicación se ha desarrollado conforme a las características técnicas de los entornos donde reside que son las siguientes:

    • Sun Solaris
    • Oracle application server Application Server 10g Release 3
    • Database server Database Oracle 10g Release 2 RAC
    • Thin JDBC Driver database connection: Oracle JDBC Driver 10.1.0

    PAU requires the java virtual machine on the server runs of applications was jdk1.5.0 _ 22, with J2EE v1.4, JSP 2.0 and 2.4 Servlet. In particular PAU has deployed and tested with jdk1.5.0 _ 22 on Oracle Application Server and the Oracle database.

    • For more information should be available at:
    • Manual of exploitation
    • Installation Manual