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Actuaciones para el desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica en el Gobierno de Aragón

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    The object of this project is to unify the information published in the CTT on the project's and services developed by the government march under the development of e-government include those commonalities or accessories to the own services.

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    Citizen any Public Administration
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    Installable product

    All the information and code available on the service to not require a subscription by stakeholders. For specific queries:

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    Open source application
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    Introduction, production
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    Gestión de servicios y sistemas , Servicios horizontales para las AA.PP
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    Government and public Sector, Personal Documents
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Organizational, Semantic, technical, Legal
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    Proyectos y servicios desarrollados por parte del Gobierno de Aragón en el marco del desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica incluyendo aquella información común, accesoria, o complementaria a la publicada en los servicios específicos.

    Esta solución actuará como índice de soluciones liberadas así como de otros elementos normativos, de información y de formación que sean de aplicación al conjunto de servicios.

    Los servicios acogidos al Desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica en el Gobierno de Aragón se encuentran en régimen de co-financiación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en sus Programas Operativos Regionales de Aragón para los periodos 2007-2013 y 2014-2020


    28 May 2015

    El Gobierno de Aragón actualiza la información y el código fuente de 25 servicios y aplicaciones de Administración Electrónica. Unshade accordion

    El Gobierno de Aragón considera la publicación del código fuente de las aplicaciones y servicios de Administración Electrónica en el Centro de Transferencia de Tecnologías como un elemento principal entre las actuaciones destinadas a la reutilización de las soluciones así como un elemento de transparencia tanto en la gestión de las inversiones públicas como en la propia actividad de los servicios y aplicaciones.

    This release of the code and information facilitates coordination with other administrations and with private sector actors involved in the development of sharing E-government strategies, progress and experience in construction and implementation of applications and services that provide solutions to common situations, both in terms of administration as in the provision of public services to citizens via electronic means.

    As an additional benefit, the publication of information, enables increased competition for those bidding processes both partners to improving services themselves released as in the development of applications that should be integrated with them. Thus avoiding the possibility of captivity of the administration, or preponderance by a supplier, derived from the unavailability of the necessary information for that, the rest of companies concerned, can participate in the bidding process in terms of equality and competition.

    Consequently and on the occasion of the tender of the file SGT _ 23/2015 of integrated development, extension, adaptation and maintenance of applications and services of general government E-government, march cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDERA) in its regional operational programmes for to March periods and 2007-2013 2014-2020, to update the information published in the centre of transfer of technologies including source code and documentation available to date of 18 May 2015 regardless of work planning to carry out in each service to date of awarding the quoted file.

    Note for companies interested in bidding:


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