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    Dotar a la aplicación de captura de las solicitudes conjuntas de la PAC (Política Agraria Comunitaria) de Aragón de los servicios de presentación telemática y prevalidación remota de coherencia contra el SIGPAC (Sistema Informático Geográfico de la PAC).
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    Joe Luis Fandos
    Overall inspection services

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    Good Practice
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    Electronic processing
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    El Organismo Pagador de Fondos Europeos Agrícolas en la Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón distribuye anualmente un programa padre para la confección de 57,000 applications PAC , each of which has on average about 15 Sheets. there are entities that collaborate and inform the beneficiaries of aid PAC for apparel applications.

    By obligation regulations, needed to incorporate the electronic processing the procedure, which resulted in this initiative.


    • Dotar a la aplicación de captura de las solicitudes conjuntas de la PAC (Política Agraria Comunitaria) de Aragón de los servicios de presentation and prevalidación telematics remote consistency against the SIGPAC (Geographic Information System of the PAC).
    • Keep the structure and operation of traditional program ya asumido por las entidades que colaboran en el proceso de diseño de las solicitudes.
    • Extending the use the programme for individual farmers.
    • Saving paper and personal displacement .

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • Resolving legal aspects associated with the legal representation by collaborating entities of farmers in the presentation of their applications.
    • Technical aspects of integration the application with external systems (telematic registry, trier of electronic signature, documentary manager).
    • Integration and coordination between systems graphics and the computer application alphanumeric management.

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