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    La campaña PAC 2010 terminó el 31 de abril de 2010 con un 90% of the 57,000 applications presented in the government telematic registry march.

    Functional description

    The project consisted adopción de funcionalidades de tramitación administrativa electrónica en las solicitudes conjuntas de la PAC .
    The initiative includes the performance in three distinct Areas :

    • Computer technician development.
    • Drafting legal support.
    • Outreach and assistance to organizations and users.

    First, since the organizationally the required development of the legal framework to enable the presentation telematics applications, including the signature of a collaboration agreement among entities that were going to represent farmers to submit their applications and the department of food and agriculture march government.

    One of the important aspects in the project was the realization of meetings with the functional heads and computer collaborating entities signed the convention for the preparation of systems and preparation of assistance from the various occurrences.

    As regards Operating area he joined a new form of access to the existing software through electronic signature authentication recognized, allowing the identification of individual applicants and entities signatories of the collaboration agreement. From this moment, the programme allows access to the data needed for prevalidación of the application depending on the case.

    Technical Description

    Since the view the technological solution at the time of registration of the application, the application you contact an intermediate java application through web services and this is the invoking accesses signature validation, government telematic registry, march documentary manager and integration of the application in the management system and processing of the PAC.
    Technologies and programming environments used are Powerbuilder v10.5, Java 1.4 and web services msxml 4.0.

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