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- Portafirmas P@C Common Administrative

  • Functional description

    The system provides the following functionality:

    • Electronic signature format documents XAdES, individualized or multidocumento
    • Definition of processing flows with signatories and validators
    • Generation of printable versions with watermark
    • Preview of the document to sign, including formats and Telcon Virtual
    • Delegation of signature
    • Consultation of documents pending and signed
    • Portafirmas management by the Secretariat staff
    • CSV allocation MAPLE and storage
    • Outstanding lead-alarm (Desktop)
    • Integration with sectoral applications of management
    • Integration with apps for signing in mobility

    Technical Description

    The platform has the following functional modules:

    • P@C - Portafirmas
    • remote P@C rP@C –
    • mobile P@C mP@C -
    • SIT – integrated system for processing
    • remote rSIT – SIT
    • Desktop Parma
    • Electronic attestation
    • – MAPLE electronic records file
    • Integration of services portafirmas
    • Integration services maple
    Y se integra con los siguiente sistemas, de los que depende:
    • SRX – service of electronic signature (Java)
    • SGC – management of certificates (Java)
    • SGRRHH – system of management of human resources (Oracle Developer)
    Development technological environment:
    • Studio 2010 Visual
    • With ASP.NET 2.0 Framework
    • C #
    • Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0
    • Oracle 10g

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