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Virtual office fundraising

  • Functional description

    The implementation of this project allows the most common fiscal operations through Internet:


    • Perform online applications such as adjournments and subdivisions of receipts, return of improper income, modification of data, etc. For its part the municipality manage the information received through an internal tool for managing applications and may respond to requests, responding immediately to the applicant through sending SMS and/or email.
    • Consult the visitor's tax data portal in the municipality of Basis. This includes fiscal data, objects that is taxable, receipts generated in each of its states (voluntary, executive, paralyzed and low-paid) and a query requests performed in the portal in which can visualize the state in which they are and operations that have been made.
    • Pay receipts by credit card through a payment gateway and also gives the possibility of generating a letter of payment for the same person in the bank.
    • Make payment of autoliquidaciones of vehicles and also value through a payment gateway.

    Technical Description


    For the development of applications have been used languages HTML, ASP, javascript, ASP.NET
    Como repositorios de información y configuración constan ficheros XML, XSLT y bases de datos de tipo SQL Server.
    Se han empleado aplicaciones de terceros para la implantación de las pasarelas de pago y envío de SMS.



    Standards: HTML, CSS
    Accessibility: AA

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