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Modules for mobile applications KOJI

  • Functional description

    l control module allows versions, so parametrizada, alert the user that the version of the application that is running is outdated. The module allows you to do this as a recommendation or, making it mandatory for its update to continue using the product. It also allows redirect to an external element in case of discontinuity of the product.

    Technical Description

    Depending on the operating system, there are two versions:


    MEDIA: https ://


    ANDROID: https ://


    In case of ANDROID is added to the units of the project:


    compile 'com.github.AjuntamentdeBarcelona: osam-controldeversions-android:1.5.0'


    Besides adding to the root build.gradle:


     allprojects { 
     jcenter () 
     maven {url "https ://"} 


    For ME is added to the file Podfile the repository location:


     pod 'VersionControl',: git = > 'https ://',: tag = > '2.9' 


    Then to update the units with the command ‘ pop update ’

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