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Virtual Registry Office (ORVE)

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    Presentacion d'ORVE (Obre en nova finestra)
    ORVE Project is part of the Shared Registry Service's set of solutions that will be gradually adapted in order to comply with the legal requirements contemplated in Law 39/2015, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.
    It is a cloud application that allows to digitize and electronically sign the documentation presented in the registration desk, and to exchange registry entries through the Registry Interconnection System (SIR).
    ORVE allows to digitize the paper presented by the citizen in the registration offices, and send it electronically to the destination instantly, no matter its geographical location or competent level of administration.

    Related resources: REC, SIR, SICRES 3.0, GEISER, DIR3 (view full descriptions for further information).
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    Local Entities
    Network service for end-users
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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Horitzontal services for the AA.PP
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    Government and public sector
    Not applicable
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    The administrative complexity of Spain makes the citizen have the need to relati to different Public Administrations depending on the competence they have.

    It is estimated that there llauri habiti than 20,000 registration offices of the various Public Administrations. This scenario produeixes great structural complexity and dispersion in the public service, as well as extra costs and impact on the quality of life of citizens.


    In order to respond to these needs of improvement and efficiency of the Public Administration and service to the citizen, the Office of Virtual Registration (ORVE) has been developed.

    ORVE is an electronic administration service hosted in the cloud offered to all Public Administrations, which allows to digitalize the paper presented by the citizen in the registry offices, and to send it electronically to the destination, instantly, and whatever its geographical location or level of competent administration is.

    This consignment is entered in the General Electronic Register of the AGE with full legal validity according to law 39/2015, and is transmitted to the destination through the System of Interconnection of Records, with a format and structure of data according to the Technical Standard of SICRES 3.0 Interoperability

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