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    Open Data Mountain Bike
    Open Data Mountain Bike publication aims to boost public data so that they can be reused by companies, infomediaries, other administrations; and anyone interested in obtaining products derived from them. The aim of the reuse of data can be to generate value and wealth, promote transparency in the administration or to obtain greater interoperability between administrations, among others.
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    Citizen, company, Any Public Administration
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    Open source application
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    Management systems and services
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    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    Open Data Mountain Bike is part of the Open Government initiative: for which Lehendakari undertakes to the participation and collaboration of citizenship, when practicing good governance, whether the road map of the legislature . In this regard, in compliance with the law 37/2007, the 29/12/2009 ordering the start of the project of opening of public data and reuse of public sector information. The portal has been influenced by pioneering initiatives that are emerging based on two models: model Vivek Berners-Lee Kundra and model.


    • Publish public data that can be reused by companies, infomediaries and anyone interested in obtaining products, and thus generate value and wealth .
    • Promote transparency in public administration
    • Promote interoperability between administrations so that they can reuse data from other governments and public and can build useful services for citizenship.
    • Promoting and facilitating the internal management information systems within the administration since it promotes the documentation of data.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • Within the main difficulties highlight : short space of time for the start of production the initiative, the differences between the data sources which impedes its compilation and publication, the lack of free format the sources forcing its transformation and coordination of many players with different profiles .
    • In contrast to the previous point, the keys to the successful implementation this project has been: have a enabling political framework with a clear and transparent Open Government strategy , a copy leadership, reflected in the agreement of 29 December 2009, a period studied and adapted to the needs of the initiative and technological architecture that centralizes, shares and reuses information (



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