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Open Data BCN

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    Functional description

    Open Data BCN, project that was born in the year 2010 implanting the portal in 2011, has evolved and now falls within the strategy of Barcelona Digital City, building a digital economy plural and developing a new urban innovation model based on the transformation and digital innovation in the public sector and the involvement among businesses, government, academia, organizations, communities and people, with a clear public leadership and citizen. The project Open Data BCN, cuts across several of the pillars of the strategy of the city, is based on the main international standards and recommendations, taking certain features that summarize the principles of this movement:


    • Open data by default. All public information managed by municipal public entities must be exposed publicly by default, allowing reuse. Only will be considered as the exception that sensitive information and affected by specific legislation, as is the case of the personal information, documents subject to intellectual property, or data that violate public security.
    • Quality and quantity of information. Any resource capable of being publicly stated has a great potential value for reuse. To the extent possible, these resources will be exposed in a timely manner. Also, the data published should have great level of detail and be precise, avoiding unnecessary manipulations such as aggregations or other operations that distort the primary data and landmarks. Through the catalogue of data sets out metadata associated with the resources published, which classify and described and these datasets with descriptive information and technical publication dates or periods of updating, issue relating, authors, licenses, etc.
    • Data for the entire world. The information published will continue to the principles of universality technological, allowing access to any collective that are possible interest. To the extent possible, it will allow the free use of the same, without establishing physical barriers, administrative or bureaucratic. This universal use is that the information provided is represented in open formats and standard.
    • Data for improving governance. The government teams that are making efforts to carry out its commitment to good governance issued openly clear information on using standards, policies that are developing, its internal processes and detailed data on the collections of resources exposed to possible reuse.

    Promotion of innovation. Apart from the common value and democratic, another essential pillar of the project is the economic potential. Individuals and companies will maximize in this sense of products and services based on the reuse of this public information. The project Open Data BCN will facilitate the reuse of resources provide the right information so processible automatically, enabling the efficiency of processing through the latest and most advanced technologies, if possible, following the standards and protocols more popular in each of the sectors. Besides the formats of distribution, the information provided should have some usage rights and licenses permissive, Only with specific clauses that prevent distortions in the nature of the data, and to decline the responsibility of the agent publisher, as well as ensuring that maintains the traceability of the source data, once you have poured.

    Technical Description

    El Portal de Datos Abiertos del Ajuntament de Barcelona se ha desarrollado con una instalación mixta de Drupal y CKAN sobre Ubuntu. La versión instalada de Drupal es 7.52 (con php 5.6) y la de CKAN es 2.6.0, últimas versiones estables disponibles en código abierto en el momento de su creación.

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