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Tracker Observatory of Web Accessibility

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    Durante el año 2020 se realizarán actuaciones necesarias para el cumplimiento de los requisitos de monitorización de la Directiva UE 2016/2102. Entre otras:

    • Implementation of the new methodology in accordance with WCAG 2.1 and Implementation decision (HAT) 2018/1524 (Opens in new window) .
    • Nuevos formatos para los informes suministrados por el servicio de diagnóstico que tengan datos prerrellenados que permitan su cumplimentación posterior en el proceso de realización de las revisiones exhaustivas de accesibilidad.
    • Herramientas que faciliten la generación y gestión de documentos con el formato de "Informe de revisión de la accesibilidad".

    El rastreador del OAW analiza dos veces al año más de 700 portales lo que supone el análisis oficial de aproximadamente 45.000 páginas.

    A través del servicio de diagnóstico en línea se solicita el análisis de más de 130.000 páginas anualmente.

    El Gobierno de Argentina utilizará la herramienta para realizar monitorizaciones del cumplimiento de los requisitos de accesibilidad con respecto a su Law N ° 26.653 “ accessibility of information of Web pages ” (Opens in new window)

    También el Gobierno de Costa Rica, a través del grupo de trabajo INCLUTEC (Opens in new window) del Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) lleva a cabo la monitorización de la accesibilidad de los sitios web de su sector público a través de esta herramienta.

    In June 2019, the tool has received a Certificate of Excellence the European Commission as Classified 4th in prizes (Opens in new window) in the category of "open source Software more innovative".

    Functional description


    El Rastreador OAW permite configurar observatorios, conjunto agrupado de portales a analizar, sobre los que se podrán obtener informes agregados e individuales.

    For the realization of an Observatory iteration of will need to indicate on the system:

    • Cada una de las semillas (portales) sobre los cuáles se va a realizar el análisis especificando: la URL de partida, si la selección de páginas se realiza aleatoriamente o especificando páginas concretas, el segmento (grupo) al cuál pertenece el portal y su dependencia orgánica.
    • Few pages will be analyzed to each portal.
    • The Area on which is the analysis (AGE, REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and EELL).
    • The specific type of analysis to perform, for example WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.
    • When you start the analysis.

    During the execution of the iteration the tracker will:

    • Visit each portal configured and make the selection of pages.
    • On each selected page will almost 100 accessibility revisions defined in the methodology.
    • Stored information will be analysed and the results achieved. Enable the extraction of this information to files summary of results in XML format (prosecutable through tools of spreadsheets) with the information summary of portals and each of pages analysed.
    • Automatically generate the following reports:
      • Report added. Overall results that are used to estimate the overall situation of the state of accessibility in the portals constituting this action area.
      • Report individually. full report for each portal analyzed with details of the results.

    Diagnostic service on line:

    The tracker forwarded OAW delayed, the email said, the report of the web or source code analyzed. Petitions are encoladas and processed progressively.

    You can make the analysis of a public web page on the Internet, or the source code of an internal page to which the parser cannot access (for example an Intranet or a page that requires authentication through electronic certificate upon).

    It should provide the following parameters:

    • Email, where you will receive the report with the results of the analysis
    • Type of analysis:
      • Website: Analyzes a website from a URL.
      • Conjunto de URLs: Analiza un conjunto predefinido de URLs (máximo 17).
      • Source code: File that includes the code to analyse.
    • Tracing options: the depth and breadth determine few pages will be discussed in the report (depth * breadth) and how it is done the random selection.
    • History: you can save the result of the analysis associating it with the url and incorporated into the report on evolutionary their previous executions (maximum 3).
    • Type report: If the report will be done according to the methodology UNE 2012 or UNE 2004.
    • Broken links: allows you to activate or verification of the broken links.

    The report will be as response will include the detail of errors located in this portal along with suggestions for improvement.

    Technical Description

    The product is constructed from free software tools which for its provision have also been used as free products apache, tomcat, mysql, etc.

    The old INTECO conducted the initial development of RASTEADOR. After its transformation into the current INCIBE (Opens in new window) , all of the source code and materials were assigned to the MINHAFP which continued the output doing their adaptation to WCAG 2.0 and to current needs.

    • OS: Red Hat Enterprise 6
    • Web server: Apache
    • Application server: Tomcat and Jboss
    • JDK 1.6
    • Database: Mysql
    • Integrated with SIM platform for sending messages
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