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Consultation service power of attorney

  • Functional description

    Verification of the status of validity of a power of attorney

    In the processing of an administrative procedure is usual the need to submit a power of attorney by the person or representative.

    This document is issued a notary, but until it reaches the administration their state may have changed:

    • Partial revocation: changes have been made to the original document.
    • Revocation total: is no longer valid

    The civil servant in charge of bastantear power has no information about whether this power of attorney is still valid or has been revoked partially or totally.





    Notary offers a service of consultation in real time on the state of validity of a power of attorney and the string of recalls, if any.





    Copia simple de un poder notarial a partir de su CSV

    Los poderes notariales pueden emitirse desde 2014 con CSV (Código Seguro de Verificación), lo que permite al ciudadano evitar presentar el poder notarial o copia compulsada ante la Administración. El ciudadano únicamente presentará la hoja que contiene el CSV del poder notarial.



    Notaría facilita a la Administración la descarga de una copia simple de este poder notarial a partir de su CSV.



    Alerts to modify the state of a power of attorney

    The validity of a power of attorney guarantee can be necessary for a period since starts a formality. to avoid repeating consultations on the validity of a power of attorney, the public employee can subscribe to an alert to notify you via electronic corrreo and/or SMS to the mobile in the event that the power of attorney consulted change its state.


    Technical Description

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