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Large Administration Standard Decentralised Payroll (NEDAES)

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    The General Administration Standard Decentralised Payroll (NEDAES) enables full payroll management for the civil servants within the scope of Law 30/1984 on the Measures for the Reform of the Civil Service, in accordance with Law 7/2007 of 12 April, on the Fundamental Regulations for Civil Servants.
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    General State Administration
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    Management of services and systems, Human resources management
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    Government and public sector
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    The General Administration Standard Decentralised Payroll (NEDAES) enables full payroll management, including the production of all the information pertaining to calculation, accounting and payment in compliance with General Administration civil servant remuneration regulations. The types of staff included are:

    • Senior officials.
    • Officials.
    • Officials in foreign delegations.
    • Employees.
    • Employees in foreign delegations, including those getting their salaries in foreign currency.
    • Other types of staff (specific groups in specific bodies: retired workers, training staff, etc.).

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