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Catalan Model of interoperability: corporate Technological platforms

  • Short Name:
    PICA and Via Dia
    The main objective is to facilitate the exchange of data between administrations and gradually replacing the documentary evidence by the citizen on paper.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
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    Support Area to developing E-government. Room of processes i E-government (OPAE)

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Communication infrastructure and messaging, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    El embrión del modelo fue el proyecto “Padrón”, documento en poder de las administraciones locales y el más necesitado por la Generalitat, y el proyecto “TFN-Título de familia numerosa”, documento en poder de la Generalitat y el más necesitado por la administración local. Hoy son más de 700 los ayuntamientos adheridos, representan el 85.24 % de la población catalana y durante lo que va de año ya se han realizado más de 650.000 consultas. También ha actuado como embrión el sistema de consultas de datos tributarios que se estableció entre la Generalitat de Catalunya y la AEAT el 2004 al cual se sumó el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona en el 2006.


    • The main objective is to facilitate the exchange of data between administrations y substituir paulatinamente la aportación documental por parte del ciudadano en soporte papel.
    • Access to data and electronic documents is offered by a double mode: individual consultations and consultations in batch. Ambas pueden ser activadas indistintamente por un empleado público o automáticamente por parte de una aplicación informática.

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • Some difficulties derived from the technical availability of issuers of data , little development of systems of government between emitters, knots of interoperability and recipients of information for the actual availability of data . Also, another challenge was that interoperability is not as technological and jurídico-organizativa.
    • The solution is based on an architecture SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) but which in turn offers other alternative channels due to the diversity Backoffices technological and with the aim of facilitating the integration with the platform.
    • The Project's success depends largely on the will of collaboration the AAPP and public bodies.


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