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Registration Advanced model input/output

  • Functional description

    Las funcionalidades que ofrece el Módulo de Registro Presencial de M@RES son :

    • Common characteristics of a record of Entry/exit: Integrity, confidentiality, availability, accessibility and monitoring of the matters.
    • Integración con el Modelo Integrado de Terceros, Organizado para Servicios (MITOS), a través de servicios Web, par la gestión de Terceros.
    • Possibility of own management of third parties.
    • Automation of the log Book: Automatic numbering of documents, recording of data with validation, consultation documents, lists and statistics.
    • Communication between Rows Automated.
    • Distribution of documents registered centers Managers.
    • Integration with other systems own or of others.
    • Control of changes to the registry book.
    • Single Centralized registry, with independent encoding for each Registration office.
    • Possibility of creating multiple records, with access control and management specific to each of them.
    • Sending/receiving of other records.
    • Management of internal Registry entry/exit (between internal services of the institution).
    • Maintenance of input fields in successive data records (batch-recording).

    The features offered by the registration Module telematic M@RES are:

    • Facilidad de creación y gestión de formularios de entrada para el Registro.
    • Functioning as decentralized office registry.
    • Authentication of citizens and Electronic Signature of documents through the platform @firma.
    • Web Services of access.

    Technical Description


    Development language: Java
    Web Framework: Watch, Java Server Pages

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