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Ley 29/2010 de uso de los medios electrónicos en el sector público de Catalunya

  • Short Name:
    Establish the basic features of the use of electronic communications in the relations between the public sector and individuals, companies and entities.
    Target audience:
    REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS, a citizen, Company
    Responsible Agencies:

    Rosa Ma Gallego English
    Área for supporting the development of E-government office i E-government Processes (OPAE)

    Type of Solution:
    State of the solution:
    Organic Área:
    Technical Área:
    Standardization and regulation
    Functional Área:
    Government and Public Sector
    Not applicable
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    There is diverse rules and regulations in reference to the use of electronic communications in the Generalitat, specifically the Decret 56/2009 in the more general scope of corporative nature i multitude sector-, i in the area of local administrations multitude of municipal ordinances. The law 29/2010 part of the desire to consolidate and develop the catalan model e-government, consistent with the history of the catalan public administrations in the area based on the concept to move forward together with the principle of economies of scale to a public service in the networks.


    • Establish the basic features of the use of electronic means in the relations between the public sector and individuals, companies and entities.
    • Promote the use of electronic means in the relations between public sector entities and citizens in Catalonia.
    • Identify instruments para desarrollar y fomentar la relación entre las entidades y organismos que conforman el sector público de Catalunya a través de medios electrónicos.
    • Promote catalan model of electronic administration between public sector entities.

    Major challenges and key areas for implementation.

    The adoption of the rule should be accompanied by complementary actions for their development. This means that one has to envisage the adoption of:

    • Policy measures : when a rule with the rank of law, will require a regulatory development by each competent authority,
    • Organizational measures : entre otros, se debe proceder a la creación de las sedes electrónicas de las AAPP, a la adopción de planes de rediseño y simplificación de procedimientos administrativos, el desarrollo de un marco de interoperabilidad del sector público, la creación del Catálogo de Datos y Documentos Interoperables, la promoción de la creación de una red de comunicaciones de las AAPP, etc.).



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