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    Educational distribution of free software de la comunitat Valenciana. Consists of both an operating system as a number of applications that cover most needs in education; including support for whiteboards, thin clients, control of classroom, language laboratory, etc.
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    Installable product

    Account with a support service (telematic telephone and) for the centres educatius de la comunitat Valenciana.

    Moreover, it provides support through the mail and forums of (Opens in new window)

    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
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    Functional Area:
    Education, culture and sports
    GPL (GNU General Public License)
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    LliureX purposes:

    • Achieving an effective and efficient introduction of the TIC in the educational system.
    • Save costs for the acquisition of proprietary software.
    • Facilitate the installation and maintenance of computer equipment.
    • Enable reuse of old computers and/or low benefits.
    • Permitir un modelo sostenible de la Informática educativa, mediante el uso de clientes ligeros.

    Measurable results: 3.5 million annual savings in the Valencian Community deal with spending caused by the use of proprietary software.


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