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    Functional description

    The application JCSP receives a file or directory of entry that contains the problem or statistical confidentiality concerns expressed in CSPlib format. It uses a linear optimization algorithm to maintain the confidentiality requirements while minimizing the loss of information. Are obtained one or several files containing the exit primary and secondary deletions which must be established to ensure the confidentiality of the publication of data.

    Technical Description

    • La aplicación está desarrollada en Java (v1.6 o superior) y utiliza el optimizador lineal abierto GLPK (v4.43 o superior).
    • The link with bookshops GLPK is done via an adapter JNI called glpk-java; the distribution includes the necessary libraries for the architectures Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit and Linux 64bit. For other architectures it is necessary to install and glpk-java GLPK.
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