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Open Government - Irekia:

  • Indicators:

    The activity during the first year has been: 1,252 official acts published in the Agenda of Irekia, 1,722 news developed and published, 1,607 videos produced in flv, 2,334 videos in HD, 4,884 photographs published, 665 documents (pdf and doc) published, 325 live streaming, 1,266 comments published by citizenship, 82 citizen proposals received, 29 Basque Government's proposals, which include bills, plans and actions significant, 1.114.621 page views, 342.412 visits, 858 Twittes drafted, 1,225 followers on Twitter and 1,788 in Facebook.

    Functional description

    The philosophy of Open Government of Mountain Bike, Irekia, is based on the rapprochement of citizenship to the Basque Administration giving citizenship participation and decision-making in the government's actions so that each person can feel part of the executive and their policies. Its base focuses on three premises: Transparency, PARTICIPACIÓN and COLABORACIÓN.

    From the point of view functional the project provides a service with multichannel access standards and accessibility low mobility , que otorgan al ciudadano la posibilidad de acceder continuamente en la agenda pública de actividades del Gobierno, que le permitan participar en las acciones del Gobierno y que lo mantengan informado de manera transparente por escucha activa en red y suscripciones mediante RSS.

    From the point of view organizational the initiative divided its actors in two groups:

    • Internal: con relación directa y constante con las Direcciones de Gabinete de cada Departamento, así como con los responsables de los Gabinetes de Prensa, así como con la Dirección de Coordinación.
    • External: acceso específico a los Medios de Comunicación (incluida la blogosfera) para un canal de comunicaciones y convocatorias, junto con la disponibilidad de recursos multimedia de alta resolución.

    From the point of view operation for the development of the initiative direction has opted for a centralized technical administration, a decentralized content management, with editors departmental and management of notifications.

    Similarly, and para mejor evolución del proyecto, la iniciativa se inclinó por la constitución de un órgano de coordinación departamental para la cobertura de eventos.

    Technical Description

    Seen from a technological perspective, the solution had to deal with a custom development as licensing terms EUPL v3 , based on free software components, including: SO Linux, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Zucker, CouchDB, Ffmpeg, ImageMagick, Apache and lighttpd.

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