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Computer inventory management based on OCS/GLPI

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    Functional description

    As most of the applications of management GLPI/OCS consists in the high and low modification of information, but to facilitate this work includes the following features:

    • Automated inventory: permite la recogida de gran parte de la información de forma automática.
    • Searches: the application provides powerful searches that allow you to locate records put numerous criteria and combinations of Them.
    • Management of connections: you can link between teams so that you can have a look equipment interconnected, as well as the update of common information in an easy way.
    • Integration with locations: se puede personalizar la ubicación de los equipos para su fácil localización física.
    • Software licenses: aparte del parque informático se pueden gestionar las licencias de software utilizadas y relacionarlas on el los equipos físicos.
    • Economic management data: you can include administrative information related to the equipment such as files, suppliers, guaranteeing data, shipping, etc.

    At the level of administration also includes a series of characteristics of useful are:

    • Permit system: allows you to create different profiles for access to the various application Options
    • Centralized management or distributed: you can maintain the information centrally or delegate part to each seat maintaining its own inventory through the system of permits said.
    • Local authentication or via LDAP: authentication can be done through local users or import users of a directory LDAP so that there are no different user IDs for different applications.
    • Management of states: allows the definition of states to facilitate the monitoring of the useful life of the equipment.

    Other utilities interesting a bit outside the relationship of equipment as such are:

    • Reservations of fitting out: there is a management team reserves to control the material that is used by different users, such as laptops, canyons for presentations, etc.
    • Knowledge Base: you can include all the type of documentation for in a knowledge base so that it can be easily reached It to resolve any doubts or need.
    • Notifications and alerts: allows the configuration of alerts and warnings to notify the late guarantee and expiry of contracts.

    Technical Description


    La aplicación GLPI/OCS se basa en un desarrollo de softwre libre cuya finalidad es poder ser utilizada en un entorno Web, las características en que se basa dicho desarrollo son:

    • MySql 4.1 or higher: database of the application
    • Apache : web server with SSL activated
    • C + + : the agent of windows that refers information is an executable developed in this language.
    • Perl : se necesitan incluir módulos desarrollados en este lenguaje en el servidor apache. También es el lenguaje en que está desarrolado el agente de linux.
    • PHP 4 or higher: for the development of the user interface shown in HTML.
    • AJAX : for streamlining parts of the user interface.
    • CSS : as stylesheets for the presentation of the user interface.
    • HTTP : as communication protocol, you can also use HPPTS.

    Si se quiere automatizar ciertos procesos también es necesario programar un cron para que estos sean ejecutados periódicamente

    The operating systems used are:

    • Linux Red Hat for the Web server and the database.
    • Windows XP for the desktop where teams are installed OCS agents.
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