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Infrastructure and Electronic documentation systems

  • Start date Production:


    • Version 2 of the web services of INSIDE, improving performance and ease of integration.
    • Redesign of the module CSV Creator (Eutils) with guidance to microservicios.

    Functional description

    InSide is a system for the management and exchange of electronic documents and files that meets the requirements of the ENI

    Basic concepts before using Inside (Opens in new window)

    InSide features:

    • Operations on Electronic File.
      • High.
      • Modifications of metadata associated with the file. Modifications of state of the file.
      • Association of existing documents to files.
      • Partnership between files.
      • Management of folders within the file.
      • Obtaining the Contents of the file.
      • Generating signatures, sealed electronically.
      • Generation of the display of the Contents of a file.
      • Search for files.
      • Generate login credentials.
      • Send files to the Justice ministry.
    • Operations on Electronic Document:
      • High (or unsigned documents previously signed, sealed in server).
      • Modifications of metadata associated with the document.
      • Search for documents.

    G-Inside functionality :

    • Generación del XML del ENI de expedientes y documentos electrónicos, no necesariamente almacenados en InSide.
    • Validation of documents and files ENI.
    • Display generation ENI documents.

    User Manual (Opens in new window)

    Web services of Inside

    Moreover is available for users who wish to intergrar their applications with the Inside, a series of Web services.

    Guide Web Services Inside (Opens in new window)

    Technical Description

    The requirements for the functioning of InSide are as follows:

    - MySQL database
    - Documentary management system which implements CMIS
    - JRE 1.6.0 _ 26 or higher.
    - Application server J2EE


    InSide is released under a license EUPL _ 1.1

    InSide depends on the following libraries, none of which has been modified:

    - Spring
    Hibernate -
    - MySQL Connector
    - Apache WS Commons
    Nightmare - Apache XML
    - Apache XML Commons
    - Apache WSS4J
    - Apache CXF
    - Apache Commons
    - Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS
    - Apache Neethi
    - Apache GOLD
    - XML Security
    - Woodstox
    - Stax
    - SLF4J
    - Log4j
    - Scannotation
    - CGLib
    - AspectJ
    - ASM
    - AOP Alliance
    - ANTLR
    - DOMJ4
    - GMBAL
    - HA-Api
    - Istack Commons
    - Java Assist
    - JAXB
    - JAX-WS
    - JmimeMagic
    - Mime Util
    - Mime Pull
    - Brothers Time
    - JPA-api
    - JSR 311
    - JTA
    - Java Mail
    - Management API
    - Relaxation NG Datatype Interface
    - SAAJ-Impl
    - Other (serializer, streambuffer, xalan, xmlParserAPIs, wsdl4j, txw2)