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Interoperability interface of the Basque government

  • Indicators:
    • Available for all staff tramitador authorized de cualquier procedimiento administrativo para los servicios de interoperabilidad que están en producción.

    Functional description

    El objetivo de la iniciativa fue desarrollar una aplicación web, IDI, que permite al personal tramitador, desde un procedimiento administrativo, access to data and certificates obtained through interoperability, from your own computer, with all the guarantees of legality and security.
    Within the implementation tasks includes both those relating to the use of validation services and third from the technological infrastructure of the Audience e-administración and interface design Interoperability for those departments that are not in a position to integrate even with infrastructure.

    Functionally proposes a interoperability scene within the infrastructure AUDIENCE (platform of the Basque government e-administración), so that any worker the GV, after authentication in the application, may access to the same and visualize those services that is authorized access . Authorizations for access to the application will remain the same parameters based on the rules of administrative procedure that manages the staff that requires access to the service of interoperability.

    From the point of view operation the package of services of interoperability is available as services invoked from departmental applications in the catalogue of validation Services and third (SVT). utilizar la infraestructura de acceso a servicios desde una aplicación departamental consumidora , que realiza la invocación dinámica a los servicios, siempre y cuando disponga de los permisos necesarios, de acuerdo al sistema de autorizaciones.

    In this project has been used all the experience that in his day was purchased with the launch of the replacement project on paper Certificates project, which addressed in conjunction with the then ministry of Public administrations. All external exchanges are the specification SCSP, a result of this Project.

    Technical Description

    The technological integration between different systems both internally and externally has been done through WEB services, using communication protocols through UTENSÍLIOS protocol on HTTP, communication protocol based on XML, using digital signature schemes to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation according to protocols W3C standards. Moreover, for the external data transmissions all messages included in the digitally sign. were encrypted communications implementation level using the protocol HTTPS .

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