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El servicio de interconexión e intercambio de datos entre administraciones de la Comunidad de Madrid

  • Indicators:
    • Use of the system: in 2010 1.071.400 of consultations documents, avoiding their contribution to citizens.
    • Users: 2,049 authorized public managers to consult of certificates associated with documents required in procedures or services.

    Functional description

    This initiative was born with the purpose of ensure the inter/intraoperabilidad between AAPP, avoiding the citizen submit documents already in the possession of the AAPP . In case the citizen authorize the query, your data will be provided by Units of CM or through consultation with other BBDD AAPP.

    The Agency for ICT (ICM), agency responsible for the development of the system , has followed the following phases : Definition of functional and technical requirements; design and Plan for testing; construction, installation, testing of integration and performance, functional validation and certification; and installation, start-production, dissemination and training.

    Given the personal character data, there are strict protocols of operation and safety guaranteeing the protection of the information accessed: the citizen must authorize, previous and specifically, requires the empowerment of specific profiles, and continuous traceability (who, what and why consultation) and periodic analyses of consultations in each Counseling.

    From the point of view organizational , has been necessary to sign agreements with the AAPP which yield data, to set the terms, conditions and data exchange. Existe un convenio marco con el MAP que incluye un servicio de verificación de datos, y diversos convenios con otras entidades (AEAT, DGT, INE,…) para consulta de datos de ciudadanos sobre sus BBDD.

    From the point of view operation , authorization protocols and access to ensure that only authorized employees access to specific procedures and only for consultations allowed for each procedure. Furthermore, is directly related to the forms, including all the new forms possibility that the citizen input individually or authorized by the CM consultation those data that are available through ICDA.

    Technical Description

    There are three modules in the technological architecture the tool:

    • Module ICDA _ WEB: consulta manual de certificados, tanto externos como internos, donde el usuario sólo accede a los procedimientos para los que ha sido autorizado.
    • Module ICDA _ WS: Web Service enlazado con ICDA_WEB y otras aplicaciones para lanzar consultas. Las peticiones se firman y envían al organismo cedente de datos, almacenando trazabilidad (NIF gestor, NIF/CIF ciudadano/empresa, tipo de consulta y procedimiento para el que se consulta). A efectos de protección de datos del ciudadano, no se guardan los datos obtenidos en cada consulta.
    • Module ICDA _ ADMIN (Administration): allows the high new certificates (including response schemes (xsd), representation of data (xsl) and Path with should signing certificate request). Also allows the authorization of applications and creating groups of certificates (consultation) will come to users.