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Application iBOA march government

  • Short Name:
    Telematics management project throughout the process of sending electronic and referral of all documents published in the official gazette, march and layout electronic edition of the official newspaper.
    Target audience:
    Citizen any public administration, Company
    Agencies Responsible:

    Service of policy coordination and Vice-interdepartmental Programme
    976 71 44 91

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    And communications infrastructure courier services and management systems
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    By Decree 45/1983, 3 May , regulated for the first time the Official Bulletin, march while this Official Gazette had been editing since 11 April 1978. The processing and handling of all documents that should be inserted in the Official Gazette is done in floppy, Word6.0 and on paper (original and copy). Within the framework of electronic administration, promoted the new regulation of official gazette by decree 61/2008 with the aim of move from editing the official gazette en format paper to the edition in electronic format .



    • Replace the hardcopy edition of the Official Bulletin march (BOA) for its electronic version, maintaining the guarantees and safety of the process.
    • Computerization of the management of all documents that must be published in the BOA.
    • Presentación telemática de los documentos a través de la aplicación IBOA, accesible para todos los empleados de la Administración de la Comunidad Autónoma en el Portal del empleado.
    • Telematic presentation documents through the application IBOA public, accessible to all administrations and individuals in the Public Portal of government march.
    • Presentación mediante comunicación segura a través de sistemas de autenticación con certificado electrónico de usuario emitido por la Fábrica Nacional de moneda y Timbre de la Real Casa de la Moneda o de cualquier otra autoridad prestadora de servicios de certificación electrónica.
    • Use of the application for all organs of the administration of the autonomous community, march rest of public administrations and individuals.
    • Registration of applications of high of all users in the implementation IBOA.
    • Transmission telematics of all documents from broadcasting bodies with electronic signature at the service of policy coordination and Interdepartmental Programme of the General secretariat vice-technique.
    • Manage the entire process of editing and creation of bulletin, including the allocation and management of texts and its layout

    Main challenges and key aspects for the implementation

    • The user training en la nueva aplicación iBOA fue uno de los aspectos clave para lograr una implantación exitosa y sin problemas añadidos del sistema de gestión telemática del Boletín Oficial de Aragón.



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