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Implementation of the government of iBOA Aragon

  • Indicators:
    • The use on-line of proceedings published in the official gazette of aragon, eliminating the floppy.
    • In the year 2009, they are handled more than 3,000 administrative documents with a total of 660 users. In the year 2010 have been dealt with more than 5,000 administrative documents with a total of 1,059 users. In june 2011, a total of 1,147 users.


    Functional description

    The project was to develop a system that would allow automatic handling and telematics throughout the process of editing, issuing and electronic signature of the BOA.
    Desde el punto de vista funcional, la aplicación consta de dos módulos:

    • the internal module, which includes on the one hand:
    1. la tramitación telemática de disposiciones y anuncios emitidos por el Gobierno de Aragón
    2. the editing, layout, adoption and signing of the Bulletin.
    • y el módulo externo, a través del que accederán tanto particulares como empresas y diferentes AAPP (ayuntamientos, universidad, etc.). Por medio del módulo externo, el sistema permite:
    1. The publication of advertisements a través de Internet, para lo que es necesario disponer de un certificado electrónico válido. De este modo no será necesario desplazarse al Gobierno de Aragón para insertar el anuncio.
    2. The electronic payment: It allows the payment of the ads on-line, without having to go to a bank collaborator with the government of Aragón, or in the service of Policy Coordination and programmes of the Vice-Interdeparmentales. The user can choose to print the autoliquidación rate 22 to go in person to the bank to pay the announcement, or alternatively, you can choose to pay viewed the announcement.


    In addition, special emphasis was placed in the compliance with existing accessibility , A level of conformity “ double ”, both in the internal and external access both private and public administrations. For the verification of accessibility is used. Web accessibility Test (T.A.W) the centre for the development of information and Communication (CTIC).

    Technical Description

    La aplicación se ha implementado basándose en una arquitectura sólida que permita su ejecución en concurrencia de un gran número de usuarios de forma segura y eficiente.

    This followed the MVC design pattern (Model View Controller) whose paradigm is divided into three parts applications driver model, and views.
    Therefore, it was decided by an architecture 3 layers (introduction, business logic, and database).

    Presentation layer layer is shown users, and that shows us the result of the actions that we do. The presentation of the application is really an enriched, using the components AJAX, Struts and Displaytag.

    The logic of business is that which is responsible for collecting data, treat them, and send the results of the presentation. This layer is developed with the latest generation around dynamics of business that allows for a reliable persistence and mild. To develop this layer is used the following components:

    • Spring
    • IoC (Inversion of Control) injection of Unit
    • Connectors to all kinds of services: Transactions, Connections, Web Services, motor Persistence, etc.
    • pring DAO

    La capa de base de datos esta desarrollada con tecnología Oracle basándonos en una Base de Datos Oracle 10g y conectándonos mediante Spring.

    Finally the applications server OC4J is used.

    On the other hand, iBOA has been integrated with the beijing platform for Signature of the government of Aragón both to allow access to the implementation and to sign the texts published in the bulletin and sign the same through Bulletin Digital Certificates issued by the authorities Certifiers authorized by the government of aragón.




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