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gvNIX. Framework for the development Of web applications JAVA

  • Start date Production:



    2014: To June


    Number of applications developed in DGTI with gvNIX: 7

    Size L: 1

    Size M: 2

    Size S: 4


    Number of applications developed outside the DGTI with gvNIX: 13

    Size XL: 3 valence Council

    Size M: 4

    Size: 6


    Number of plugins: 18

    Número de usuarios en la Lista (da idea de Comunidad): 100+ (entre listas, stackoverflow, twitter, linkedin, etc)

    Training courses: Cicle formatiu in conjunction with the School computer engineers the Valencian community

    Courses for officials by the EVES and IVAP.

    Functional description

    It is multiplatform and easy to install

    gvNIX is easy to install both as independent tool that works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux or as integrated tool in an environment of development: SpringSource Tool Suite, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

    Los únicos requerimientos son Java 6 SDK y Apache Maven 3. Una vez instalados, se descarga la distribución de gvNIX, se descomprime y se añade al PATH del sistema y lanzamos el entorno con el comando gvnix.

    System of automatic code generation

    Crea código en unidades de compilación separadas: archivos .aj de AspectJ/ITD. De esta forma, la generación de código es totalmente inocua porque independiza completamente el ciclo de vida del código generado del ciclo de vida del código mantenido por los desarrolladores.

    Combina lo mejor de los modelos pasivo y activo de generación de código:

    • Generación pasiva a través de un intérprete de comandos para crear código bajo demanda.
    • Active generation result of the constant monitoring of the changes made by developers in the archives of the project.

    Do not overload the runtime environment

    gvNIX does not add any required library at runtime. Furthermore, annotations Java used to control and customize the code generation are not compiled in object code (.class files).

    Esto significa que las aplicaciones desplegadas en los entornos de producción no  tienen ninguna dependencia de librerías de gvNIX.

    Reverse engineering of database

    Allows you to create the complete model of entities Java application via introspection of the database of the project. Furthermore, incrementally maintains the model of entities synchronized with all changes made in the model of data.


    Automatic construction of the application from a meta-modelo defined in annotations Java, in just a few minutes, you can generate a fully functional application.

    Automatic generation of web services

    • Clients of external systems: email, JMS Francisco and.
    • The application services via interface allows WebService. gvNIX integrate the application with remote business processes easily. A code from Java with annotations JAX-WS from files or WSDL, automatically generates all the necessary infrastructure to receive calls from foreign processes.

    Control of concurrency optimistic

    En entornos multiusuario, como las aplicaciones web, es frecuente que dos usuarios accedan simultáneamente al mismo registro para editarlo. El control de concurrencia permite evitar que se pierdan los cambios del primero que guarde.           

    The pattern of control of concurrency more accepted in web environments is known as control of concurrency optimistic. The most common form of implementing it is to use a version that should be included in all tables of the model of data. In public organizations the data model policies remains very strict security and is often not can add a new version.

    gvNIX provides an implementation of the control of concurrency optimistic based on the rule of objects, equally effective but not intrusive.


    Incorporates access control and authorization by user roles easily.


    Used to generate reports JasperReports dynamically operatives and in different formats: PDF, LibreOffice, MSOffice, CSV. Each report is accessible from the menu of the application and generates a form prior to specify parameters of filtering.

    The reports are fully functional since creation, including the generation of the template .jrxml to allow a convenient and easy customization.

    Unit tests and functional

    Automatically generates tests of quality of code, both with Junit unitary and functional with Selenium.

    Other features :

    • Configuration management by environment. For example, development, production and preproduction
    • Pattern generation multilevel maestro-detalle screens.
    • Management of the structure of pages of the application.
    • Management of visual themes.

    Technical Description

    The framework has been implemented with Java language and remains a model oriented architecture components on OSGi platform in which each small functionality that provides the framework is implemented as a small component that works with the rest in the different tasks of generation. This architecture is used in the development of large modular systems such as, for example Eclipse, Jboss, Servicemix and a long etc.

    To be built the framework in small modules (currently about 50) scalability and mantenibilidad is simple. Thanks to the small size of each module the framework is very manageable, understandable and easily modifiable

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