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gvHIDRA - Framework for the Agile development of web applications in PHP

  • Start date Production:



    2014: To June

    Number of applications developed with gvHIDRA in DGTI: 53
    Size XL: 1
    Size L: 3
    Size M: 31
    Size: 18

    Number of applications developed with gvHIDRA outside the DGTI: 25
    Central Services Department of health: 14
    Xátiva Hospital Lluis Alcanyis: 5
    Johnson & Controls (automotive sector): 6

    Número de Consellerías de la GVA que hacen uso de gvHIDRA: 7 (C. Presidencia, C. Hacienda y AAPP, C. Educación Cultura y Deporte, C. de Sanidad, C. Infraestructuras, Terr. y Medio Ambiente, C. Bienestar Social, C. Gobernación y Justicia)

    Number of plugins: 23
    Number of users in the list (gives an idea of community): 45
    Number of different items in the list: 945
    Scheduled point in to automate indicators
    Courses for officials by the EVES and IVAP.

    Functional description

    It is a project OpenSource (GPL v.2), whose aim is to simplify the development of management applications in Web environments. It is a framework that, following a style guide (unifies aspect criteria and usability), serves as the basis for rapid development of applications.

    Works on Web using model architecture controller View (MVC) with Phrame, Smarty and Pear. use the power of PHP (speed, simplicity deployments, robustness, multipltaforma...) in its version 5 (object orientation, interfaces, iterators, UTENSÍLIOS support...). it provides independence of Database using Pear: MDB2 plus an abstraction layer that seeks other aspects such as the handle dates, numbers with decimals, control of transactions, etc. Currently tested with PostgreSQL, Mysql and Oracle.

    Incorporates an automatic generator code that allows creating quickly and easily functional maintenance (search, high, low and modification). for this, Only requires the specification of the connection, the chart the BBDD and viewing mode (interface pattern).


    • High productivity.
    • Standardization of developments.
    • Simplifica el entorno de trabajo Web, al no necesitar conocer HTML o Javascript.
    • Uniformity in the appearance and usability of applications.
    • Separation of the business logic and the presentation.
    • Herramienta de generación de código integrada: proyecto Genaro (Integrado dentro del proyecto gvHIDRA. Más información en el apartado 3.2.2 del manual)
    • Support for modal windows.
    • Control automático de campos obligatorios: en evento sobre el foco, en evento sobre la totalidad del formulario.
    • Autenticación y autorización integrada con la Plataforma Autonómica de Intermediación de la GVA y con otros sistemas de autorización de la GVA (LDAP, sistema de autorización APLUSU, etc.).
    • Múltiples métodos de autenticación: usuario/contraseña, captcha, certificados digitales (ACCV, DNI-E y FNMT,),  centralizada en SSO, mediante WebServices, mediante base de datos, validación local, sin validación.
    • Support for Conditional flows through messages.
    • Independence of the Database Manager employee.
    • Automatic management SGBD transactions.
    • Security management:
    • Automatic filtering SQL injection.
    • Regeneration of meetings to prevent abduction of sessions.
    • Security measures to the most common web attack.
    • Comisión de seguridad que realiza un seguimiento y mejora continua del FW en estos aspectos.
    • Performance improvements: cache of javascript and images.
    • Friendly interface.
    • Includes all possible elements of HTML besides complex components as; tree, selector, multiple listings, windows of selection, colored rows.
    • Patterns of interface: search smartphone without tabular search, high massive, registration, search without search, tabular-registro, teacher detail (tabular-registro, tabular-tabular, registro-registro, registro-tabular, registro-tabular/registration), teacher n details, Tree, workflow.
    • Data types with masks and Autocorrection at two levels (client and server): NIFs, telephones, dates, with thousands and numerical decimal part.
    • Integration with modules implemented in PHP or Java.

    Reports engine integrated JasperReports. Generates dynamically listed PDF, ODT, CSV, etc. Each report is accessible from the menu of the application and generates a form prior to specify parameters of filtering. Reports are fully functional since creation, including the generation of the template .jrxml to allow a convenient and easy customization.

    Technical Description

    The requirements for installing an environment gvHIDRA are:

    Servidor Web: necesitamos instalar un servidor web que pueda trabajar con PHP.

    We recommend Apache.

    PHP: We Will Install a version PHP 5. Versions of gvHIDRA 4.0.0 and post are already compatible with the versions 5.3 and 5.4 of PHP.

    Bookstores PEAR: Internally, the framework makes use of libraries own of PEAR.

    Concretamente tenemos que instalar:  PEAR, Auth, MDB2, MDB2_Driver_Mysql para MySQL, MDB2_Driver_oci8 y las librerías OCI para Oracle, MDB2_Driver_pgsql para PostgreSQL, Mail y Net_SMTP si se quiere utilizar la clase de envío de correo.

    For more information:

    Quick installation guide gvHIDRA:

    Manual gvHIDRA:

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