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Workgroup FACe Private Sector

  • Summary:
    Working group to the study of good practices and solutions that have enabled in less than a year electronic invoicing in the public Sector is a reference point, and how these can be moved to the Private Sector.

    This group will billing items in the private Sector, and where the invitation to participate in the same has spread to the public Sector.
    Target audience:
    CCAA , AGE , Ciudadano , Cualquier Administración Pública , Empresa , Entidades Locales
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation
    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration

    https ://

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Economic and financial management
    Functional Area:
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Legal, organizational, political, semantic, technical
    Programming language:


    As an appendix of the current forum of Electronic Invoice (link: (Opens in new window) ), given the success of the implantation of electronic invoices in the public Sector in 2015, creates a working group between members of the private Sector and the public Sector to treat the implantation of electronic invoice in relations between companies.

    This workgroup explores the measures of success of the electronic invoicing model of the public Sector, to try to move and boost those that are necessary and achievable in the private Sector billing relations between companies.

    First, to promote electronic invoicing globally and that it reaches all industrial sectors regardless of size of the organization, sector or level of computerization. And Second to generate new models to solve the problems that electronic invoicing currently can produce to companies in certain sectors, size or level of computerization.

    The current group is formed by AAPP, business associations and companies that by volume of business or representativeness have been interested in participating, and which are:

    • Ministero of finance and Public Administrations - DTIC
    • Ministry of industry, energy and tourism - SETSI
    • Autonomous community Rioja
    • AMETIC
    • PEOPLE
    • CEOE
    • ANEI
    • Madrid Business Group
    • REPSOL
    • SEOPAN
    • CCI
    • EDICOM
    • FENIN
    • CC3M
    • GS1 SPAIN
    • IESA
    • EMAILS
    • WHITE
    • FCC
    • PWC
    • LA CAIXA
    • AEAS


    14 March 2018

    Published web service interface of invoices FACeB2B Unshade accordion

    Has been published in the download area documentation for integration with FACeB2B for the referral and download invoices. The model of interfaces changes regarding the proyceto mirror FACe.

    In the download area you will find a presentation explaining the new interface and documents wsdl and xsd specifications of interfaces. As in FACe have been published two interfaces SOAP: RPC-Encoded and RPC-Literal.

    You can find this documentation in (FACeB2B Integration): (Opens in new window)

    13 March 2018

    Disponible el documento de acuerdos de la IV reunión del grupo de trabajo Unshade accordion

    It was reported that in the download area is available document agreements (IV working group meeting FACe Private Sector.

    19 December 2017

    Available document agreements III working group meeting Unshade accordion

    It was reported that in the download area is available document agreements III working group meeting FACe Private Sector.

    16 November 2017

    Start of production of the pilot FACeB2B Unshade accordion

    Según lo acordado en la pasada reunión del grupo de trabajo de FACeB2B del 19 de septiembre de 2017, la SGAD pone a disposición del sector privado el PILOTO de sistema FACEB2B, basándose en el actual sistema FACe de servicio de facturación de la Administración General del Estado.

    PILOT's approach is to enable suppliers make a controlled integration of their billing systems and management with FACeB2B billing to obtain experiences that enable an assessment of the implementation complete production of this system in the medium term.

    La comunicación desde los distintos sistemas con el PILOTO FACeB2B se hará exclusivamente a través de servicios web, para que desde un proveedor conectado directamente o desde un proveedor conectado a través de un proveedor de servicios de facturación se pueda remitir una factura electrónica y su documentación asociada al cliente destinatario de la factura. Cliente que igualmente podrá recibir la factura y la documentación asociada a la misma a través de los servicios web que FACeB2B pone a disposición de los destinatarios de la factura para la descarga de las mismas.

    In this first version of the pilot, the system allows:

    - Remitir y recibir facturas electrónicas en formato facturae versión 3.2 o superior.
    - Send and receive alongside the invoice attached information (PDF, HTML).
    - Asigna a la presentación de la factura de un número único de transmisión de la factura, que permite su identificación unívoca dentro del mismo.
    - Consulting firms, through the list of their relations, which accept invoices via FACeB2B.
    - Update the status of the invoice to facilitate the follow up by the supplier.

    Does not allow:

    - Using this distribution service of invoices to store invoices.
    - Signature checking of the invoice during transmission.
    - La presentación de facturas a través de un portal web.
    - La descarga de facturas a través de un portal web.

    If you are interested in participating in the pilot of the system FACeB2B please can request participation in (Opens in new window)

    Start date of the pilot: 16 November 2017.
    Duration of the pilot: 5 months.


    For more information: (Opens in new window)


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