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Management of permits and Licenses

  • Indicators:
    • Are handled some 10,000 requests annually for 1000 applicants.
    • 1 HR manager in person.

    Functional description


    • Officials (inbox and officials) – applications received, waiting to admit. Visualize the personal data of officials and modify power
    • Labour (inbox and labour) applications received, waiting to admit. Viewing personal data and to modify labour
    • Configuration (Holidays, categories, type of documents and Paramteros) -Administracion of master tables

    2 – Applicants

    • Edit my data (personal tab) and change Visulaizar personal data
    • Solitudes (Create New Solicutd, inbox, my applications, My drafts and My Calendars)

    3 – Validator Authorizing or

    • Bandeja de entrada –Visualizar las solictudes pendientes de tramitar (validar o autorizar)
    • Ver calendario de solicitudes del personal que cuelga en la estructura organizativa de el
    • Edit my data (personal tab) modify and Visulaizar personal data
    • Solitudes (Create New Solicutd, inbox, my applications, My drafts and My Calendars)

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    Technical Description

    Base products used for exploitation in the justice ministry are:

    • SGBD: ORACLE 11G
    • Application server: JBOSS 4.2.3
    • Web Server: Apache 2.2
    • LDAP: Microsoft Activate Directory (for authentication)

    The application is ready to be deployed in high availability (cluster JBOSS) but it is estimated that the deployment in a single instance is sufficient in hours of use and number of users.

    Other products used in the application:

    • Para el envío de correos se usa Exchange 2003 o 2010. Aunque es compatible con cualquier servidor de correo SMTP
    • Para la obtención de datos del personal se utiliza una base de datos unificada del Ministerio de Justicia (UNIC@), la cual carga diariamente los datos desde Badaral, aunque el uso de la misma es opcional en otros ministerios.
    • Uses a small web application (that may be included in the distribution) for managing roles and profiles of users in “ hot ”.
    • Web Services with Evalos (Hours Control application) .Esto is configurable and optional.

    For the development has been used the framwork JBoss Are 2.2 developed by JBoss, a division of Red Hat. Combines the frameworks Enterprise JavaBeans EJB3 and LITTLE JavaServerFaces. Use Hibernate for access to the layer of data

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