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CSV manager

  • Start date Production:


    Functional description

    • Make the functionality of Codes verification Insurance (hereinafter CSV). The CSV allow a correlation between the signed documents and the electronic original location.
    • Generar informes de firma que introduzcan en el pie de página los datos de localización y componente web de validación asociado como parte de la información de la firma incrustada en el informe.
    • Disponer del componente de consulta de documentos firmados mediante el CSV en un componente parte de la web de CHG para cumplir con los requisitos de la ley 11/2007

    Technical Description

    Technological Architecture:

    In the development of the application has been followed the programming model modelo-vista-controlador with the following technological solutions:

    • VIEW: they use LITTLE specification 2.1 with the implementation of Apache MyFaces. As extra library of components are used the branch 4.X of RichFaces (version 4.2.2). To facilitate reuse Facelets is used as a template system.
    • Driver: Used some private classes ‘ open source ’ for the management of the metadata journaling.
    • Model: use the implementation more widespread 2.0 PROJECT (API of persistence to J2EE): Hibernate, branch 4.X specific Version that will be used is the 4.16.

    Interfaces with other systems:

    • Portafirma: integration with the workflow component of signature from the finance ministry and public administrations through the interface ‘ ’ eeutil ”.
    • eVisor: integración con el sistema de gestión de plantillas para la generación del justificante de firma
    • @firma: integration with the signing of the ministry of finance and public administrations using the bookstore Integr@.
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