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Generates. Solution of automatic generation of applications .Net

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    From an outline of relational database independent of manufacturer, generates applications .Net complete. (currently ASP.Net, services WCF, or OData), facilitating its maintenance and evolution, to share a common architecture. Useful as Rapid Prototyping system of applications (RAP)
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    Company, Any Public Administration
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    San Jose Martin Www.bangkokcrysta. Rodríguez
    Editor of the database
    Sociological research centre
    (C/Montalbán 8, Madrid 28014
    91 580 76 01

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    Open source application
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    Support for the electronic processing
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    Government and the public Sector
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    GENERATES uses Llblgen Pro (a ORM .Net similar to The Entity Framework or NHibernate), through a connection to relational database (SQL Server, Oracle, PostGres, MySQL, etc.), draw your model. From data obtained (tables, views, fields, relations, etc.) generates a model of business data that are used to access the database (ORM layer).

    Using these data of business, and through different templates games, you can create different types of products C # 4.0 as (currently WebForms ASP.Net Web applications and Web services well WCF, either OData-REST). For each scheme particular application .Net generated is unique and to measure, sharing the architecture and entry points for non-standard actions (e.g. sending a mail after “ Add ” an object “ CuentaCorriente ”, or “ Sign ” an object “ holidays ”).


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