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Integrated management of registration services (SONG)

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    CONSERVATIONISTS (integrated management of registration services) is an integral solution of registration which works in cloud mode to provide the service for any public body, that covers both the management of their registration offices input / output as the reception and dispatch of rows in target tramitadoras units of documentation.

    The SONG registration service is the centrepiece of the Shared Service registration management.
    The application allows the digitization of the documentation provided by the citizen in offices, and having certification SICRES 3.0 enables the exchange of rows in electronic format with other agencies connected to the platform SIR.
    To request the service is necessary CONSERVATIONISTS sign an agreement. all information is located in the tab Downloads: Legal instrument to the consumption of service
    Target audience:
    , Councils and Assemblies Scenario, AGE, municipalities of large population, CCAA
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user


    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):  

    https: / / / help / consultation / conservationists

    List of notifications:

    There is a distribution list for users SONG, through which are broadcast notifications on:

    • Changes in the implementation
    • Incidences and problems
    • News

    Both users and technical personnel managers of public administrations, you can subscribe to this list if you wish to receive such notices. Can register in the following link (Opens in new window) .

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic area:
    Technical area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
    Functional area:
    Not implemented
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    The SONG registration service is the centrepiece of the Shared Service registration management.

    The service is currently CONSERVATIONISTS use compulsory for all AGE and its Executive Committee OO.PP. commission TIC Strategy may authorize the exception to those units with registration solutions and provide specific operational equivalent functionalities or higher than the shared service when warrant that the cost structure of your solution, the costs of migration to the solution shared and the specific requirements and integration with its architecture advise the maintenance of the specific solution, as well as when communicating reasons of failure of the common service to implement specific functionality that identify as essential for the management of the agency. In all cases without exception, will be mandatory integration with the SIR of specific solutions in response to National Schema Interoperability, ENI and legal requirements under the law 39 / 2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations ( https: / / / daily _ boe / txt.php? id = BOE-A-2015-10565 ).

    The incorporation of an entity to the system can be done immediately since currently with the SONG called system, developed by the SGAD, which meets the requirements of this comprehensive solution for registration and is fully operational.
    Nevertheless, the agency to accede to the service should conduct an alignment of their human means (education and training of users), materials (scanners installation in positions of users) and technicians (integration with sectoral applications, in his case).

    CONSERVATIONISTS is an integral solution of registration suitable for any public body, given in mode and cloud that provides services of Electronic Registration, registration Presencial, exchange of internal and external searches (through the platform of the network system records, SIR).

    Its main features are:

    • Use service mode (in the cloud).
    • Only requires internet connection from the network SARA, scanner and digital certificate.
    • Has its own log book by which serves both for the registration of the seats themselves as those aimed towards other administrations (through the platform SIR).
    • Web services available for using the SONG information by other systems or applications.
    • Allows the distribution of the registry records to processing units.
    • Currently offers its use in the area of the state administration through convention. For more information about the legal instrument of the application of service:

    https: / / / ctt conservationists / downloads /

    The application CONSERVATIONISTS covers all the management needs of the documentation submitted by citizens in registry offices presencial of administrations, as well as the needs of registration of electronic headquarters. Also covers the management of reception and sending of rows between units tramitadoras receivers of the documentation they serve registry offices with SONG.

    CONSERVATIONISTS ensures the deletion of paper movement through the digitization of the documentation provided by the citizen in the offices serving the national Schema Interoperability, sharing records in electronic format with all administrations integrated into SIR, and integration with processing applications for the exchange of seats and documentation, as well as the legal requirements under the law 39 / 2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations ( https: / / / daily _ boe / txt.php? id = BOE-A-2015-10565 ).

    In registry offices, CONSERVATIONISTS manages the records of entry / exit, allowing both traditional management in role as the digitization of the documentation submitted, complying with the technical standards of interoperability and with full legal guarantee.

    CONSERVATIONISTS allows the exchange with other agencies integrated into the platform SIR having the certification SICRES 3.0, as well as manage the exchange of physical documentation with any unit of the different Public administrations.

    In processing units, CONSERVATIONISTS manages all their exchanges of documentation in both physical and electronic format:

    • Reception of documentation from the registry office.
    • Creation of official trips to other agencies (allowing your shipment electronically via SIR for those integrated agencies) or to citizens.
    • Exchange with other units tramitadoras the agency.

    CONSERVATIONISTS service offers the following functionality in registry offices:

    • High seats of entry into the official registry, allowing the digitization of the documentation provided by the citizen.
    • Transfer of the documentation tramitadoras units.
    • Exchange with other offices of row by SIR platform.
    • Management of rejections and replay of seats.
    • Validation of exit seats emitted by tramitadoras units.
    • Shipments of physical documentation.
    • Management of the log book: copy templates, lists, searches, editing, etc.

    The following features tramitadoras units:

    • Reception of the documentation provided by the registry office, with the possibility of rejection and forwarding.
    • Transfer of seats at sub-unidades dependent on the unity of its own.
    • Record exchange with other units tramitadoras.
    • Generation of official exit seats, both to agencies (with the possibility of electronic format for the integrated into the network system records, SIR) as citizens.
    • Sub-unidades management of their own.
    • Management of an internal registry entry / exit.
    • Management of the telephone calls of the holder of the unit.
    • Physical file management of the unit.

    CONSERVATIONISTS services available interconnection with other applications.
    These services cover types of functionalities differentiated.




    12 January 2016

    The University of Zaragoza incorporates shared Service registration management Unshade accordion

    The University of Zaragoza has begun to use the SONG application for the management of their registration offices entry / exit and the connection with the platform SIR exchange of rows in electronic format, incorporating the use of Shared Service management DTIC registry.

    The University will manage through this system exchange of documentation in both physical and electronic format among its 20 offices of registration and nearly 200 units and departments, as well as the exchange of registration and electronic documentation with the rest of agencies integrated into the platform SIR.

    This is the first public university in joining this service shared and the first agency outside the General administration of the state in use the application CONSERVATIONISTS registration management, benefiting from the rationalization and efficiency in the use of computer resources which involves the use common tools and shared services.

    This latest incorporation is also a very important lever for the electronic management procedures Zaragoza university, moving in this way in the adoption of the administration without papers thus improving administrative efficiency that it is in a better service to the citizen.

    More information in the CTT on solutions CONSERVATIONISTS and SIR


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