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Integrated management of registration Services (GEISER)

  • Functional description

    GEISER covers the following features:

    In registration offices:

    • High input of seats in the official gazette, allowing the digitization of documentation submitted by the citizen.
    • Referral of the documentation tramitadoras units.
    • Exchange with other offices of register by continental SIR.
    • Management or rejections.
    • Validation of exit seats issued by the tramitadoras units.
    • Management of shipments of documentation.
    • Gestión del libro de registro: plantillas de copia, listados, búsquedas, edición, etc.

    In the units tramitadoras:

    • Receipt of the documentation provided by the registry, with the possibility of rejection and forwarding.
    • Referral of seats to sub-unidades dependent on the unity of its own
    • Exchange of records with other units tramitadoras
    • Generation of exit seats records, both agencies (with possibility of electronic format for the integrated into SIR) as citizens.
    • Management of sub-unidades own
    • Management of an internal register input/output

    Technical Description


    GEISER is prepared to work as service in the cloud, in the management of registration offices and units tramitadoras of agencies that are integrated into the solution. However, the agency user should:

    • Be acceded to the agreement or cooperation agreement for the service.
    • To have Internet access or network SARA in pc registration offices.
    • Dispose of equipment for digitizing documentation.
    • Transfer procedures and meet digitization and use of the united nations integrated offices in the network system of Records.