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GALATEA, common management service of funds FEDERA 2014-2020

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    GALATEA is a common service in the cloud that allows to Intermediate bodies designated by the competent authority, the integral management, uniform and centralised projects cofinanced with funds FEDERA for the programming period 2014-2020.
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    Economy and finance
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    GALATEA is a tool that will allow the integral management of the projects that will be co-financed with the FEDER Funds for the programming period 2014-2020, whose competence corresponds to the Xeral Directorate of Community Funds, as Management Authority.

    It is the evolution of the exploitation platform of European Funds of the previous period 2007-2013, FNDEU. The Xeral Directorate of Community Funds can delegate management competencies in different Intermediate Bodies.

    This application is conceived as a common service in the cloud that covers the management needs of all those organizations that adhere to the service and allows the integral, homogeneous and centralized processing of projects co-financed with FEDER Funds.

    GALATEA will allow:

    The presentation of applications by potential beneficiaries.
    The assessment and admissibility of the same by the managers of the attached Intermediate Bodies, including the management of the corrections that were necessary during the presentation phase.
    The management and verification of the projects carried out by the beneficiary entities, who will provide the corresponding contracts and invoices.
    The remission of the expense certifications to the Management Authority by the Intermediate Bodies attached to the service.

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