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FORM - creation system web publishing forms for

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    The system is a system that allows you to generate forms and surveys to his cumplimentación via web.

    The editor provides the possibility of creating forms, without programming skills, which can be administered by each editor.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    Center of attention to Users (CAU)

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    There is a distribution list for users of form through which are broadcast notifications on:

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    To this list , you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using Form. To register you can use the following link (Opens in new window) .


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    Horizontal services for the AA.PP
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    Personal documents, government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    Form is a system that allows you to generate forms and surveys to his cumplimentación via web. the editor Provides the possibility of creating forms, without programming skills, which can be administered by each editor.

    The system allows surveys/forms open, restricted to a closed group of users, anonymous, requiring electronic signature, etc. Allows You To include questions of type opened, closed, multiple selection, unique selection, conditional, attach files, etc.

    Gives the possibility to editor and administrator of the form of power manage respondents, closing the form when you wish, returning replies to the user if desired, export data to excel for subsequent treatment, etc.

    Ultimately simplifies the action of collecting information of administrations, replacing the sending of documents in excel, word, etc via email and its subsequent exploitation by a system that provides a unified way the information collected through the questionnaire published.

    To be user of FORM with permissions to create polls and forms simply be PAe user with profile of public administration.


    22 February 2019

    FORM integrates with Authentic Unshade accordion

    Hasta ahora, FORMA se nutría de los usuarios del portal de administración electrónica (PAe). A partir de ahora, FORMA hará uso de los usuarios de AutenticA, abandonando el antiguo servicio de alta de usuarios (CAS) del PAe.

    Además del login, AutenticA se utilizará tanto para dar permisos en un formulario a otros usuarios, como para definir los usuarios a los que irá destinado el formulario. En ambos casos, se ha creado un buscador de usuarios de AutenticA, que permite realizar las búsquedas por nombre, NIF o email.

    Incorporates, moreover, a new feature in the system that allows users to the exchange of forms of a simple way without having to manage permissions to copy a form. The export/import of forms are carried out with files .json incorporating the structure and configuration of the form.

    More information at https ://

    11 September 2018

    New functionality of form in production Unshade accordion

    Has been put into production a new feature in the form to facilitate the management of the forms and their answers. From now on may be appointed an administrator of the form, giving them the opportunity to manage said form as if the original author. this way it is allowed to transfer the management of a form to another member of the PAe with “ administration ” profile.

    The different profiles of management of the FORM forms are:

    • The profile administrator may perform the following functions: edit, copy, accessing the preview, remove forms, consult the answers, open or close forms, reopen closed forms for specific user, publish the form and give permissions to other users.
    • The profile modification and consultation you can edit, copy, accessing the preview, consult responses, open and close the form and publishing.
    • The profile consultation Only may consult the responses of the form.

    The forms in the form must have at least an administrator; once the original author of a form of high another administrator will remove himself from the management of the form, leaving them in its list of forms.

    The configuration of the permissions to other users is unique for each form of form.

    28 June 2018

    Improvement of functionality in the new version of form in production Unshade accordion

    Se acaba de subir a producción una nueva versión de  FORMA que mejora las siguientes funcionalidades del sistema:

    • When answering a form the user can download in PDF all the answers to the form, regardless of the length of the form, and the pages which shape the PDF.
    • Se estabiliza la anidación de preguntas condicionadas. El usuario podrá configurar una serie de preguntas concatenadas por la respuesta de la anterior, sin que se rompa la estructura.
    • Validates that a question closed can conditional upon itself to avoid mistakes in the validation of forms.
    20 February 2018

    New version of form in production. Unshade accordion

    The new version of FORM is an internal renovation and visual system in addition to bring new functionality. From now on, for the forms open collective can be managed (groups of users) that will have a URL access to Unique form for each group. In the management of responses, these will be grouped by collectives to facilitate processing. More information in the Form of CTT solution.

    18 January 2018

    Mutual consultation MUFACE through FORM Unshade accordion

    The mutuality of officials MUFACE has sent to the mutual insurance associations that have decided to apply the change of insurer this month of January a survey on this change of entity. This survey has been developed and published through Form. Enabling also obtain the information response quickly and homogenized through the download console responses form.

    01 December 2017

    FACe used FORM as a platform for its users Unshade accordion

    El sistema FACe - Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas utiliza FORMA como sistema para recibir las solicitudes de altas de proveedores de servicios de facturación electrónica en la plataforma, tanto en FACe como en el piloto FACeB2B dirigido a relaciones entre empresas.


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