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  • Functional description

    The library of signature FirmaXadesNet contains components required for the realization of the processes of signature, calculation of fingerprints, etc. It also makes use of digital certificates X.509 and secret keys associated with the same to be installed on your computer, as well as those devices changed in the same (smart cards).

    Potential uses

    • As integral part of any software required by the generation of signatures, for example Factura-e solutions records management, electronic documentation, etc.

    • As a basis for creating a thin client of signature to be used in a developed portafirmas in ASP.NET, signatures created on the customer and the option could be scaled up in the server side. The invocation of the client for a signature might be caused by the protocol, and use ASP.NET SignalR as a mechanism of communication with you.

    Technical Description

    The solution of signature FirmaXadesNet consists of two main projects:

    • XAdES Starter Kit:this is the kit developed by Microsoft France which contains the object model XAdES signature and furthermore extends the functionality of the class SignedXml. This kit has been changed to reflect all namespaces for calculating the fingerprints of the references and to support the working methods and signature RSA-SHA256 RSA-SHA512.

    • FirmaXadesNet:together with the project is to build digital signatures, its enlargement and saved.


    Currently, there are two versions of the library with the same functionality, but for different versions of .NET framework, one for version 3.5 and another to version 4.5 (and above).

    We recommend using (if possible) version for framework 4.5, as we cannot ensure that all new features are to be included in the version for the framework 3.5.


    The handbook for using the library is being developed, but within the solution are several examples of use of the library

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