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Distribution platform electronic invoices between companies

  • Summary:
    FACEB2B is a system that allows companies to integrate into their systems the referral of invoices and its management.
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    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    Center of attention to Users (CAU)

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    There is a distribution list for users of FACe through which are broadcast notifications on:
    - new versions
    - changes in the platform
    - patches
    - problems relevant/bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list , you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using FACe. to register you can use the following link (Opens in new window) .

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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Economic and financial management
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    The platform FACEB2B is a Single Electronic Registration that allows the transfer of invoices of the subcontractor the prime contractor and moves such invoices for the intended recipient according to the settings to write on the directory of companies.


    15 April 2019

    The platform FACeB2B distribution of electronic invoices receives the prize @asLAN Unshade accordion

    @asLAN, non-profit association, formed by more than 120 technology companies, held on 3 and 4 April the congress @asLAN2019 with more than 11,000 registered. At the Congress, among other activities, prizes were awarded @asLAN.

    These awards are intended to identify and disseminate rewarding experiences that contribute to develop new services, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Pose a recognition of the work done by the public administration, aligned with the Digital Agenda for Europa or Spain. These prizes are awarded by vote technology companies and registered members in @asLAN.

    The prize awarded to FACeB2B has been in the category of “ ” Digitization and represents a recognition in implementing an innovative and effective tool that not only comes to fill the technological need for compliance with article 216 of law 9/2017, government contracts, but continues to the path of momentum of the invoice in the Spanish scene initiated in 2015 by FACe (General point of Entry of invoices for the overall management of the state).

    España se sitúa entre los países más avanzados en Administración electrónica, según diferentes informes de organismos internacionales como la ONU, la OCDE, o la Comisión Europea y ha recibido ya varios premios nacionales e internacionales.

    In the dimension of digital Public Services, according to the Index of Digital economy and society (DESI) (Opens in new window) , Spain contained in 4th place, above the average of the HAT.

    In the field of data open, according to the study "Open Data Travel in Europe" (Opens in new window)    en su edición de 2018, España se sitúa en segundo lugar

    20 February 2019

    Published new version of the system FACeB2B Unshade accordion

    Has been put into production a new version of FACeB2B containing new functionalities:

    • SMOOTH ON both clients and may update autonomously your information in DIRe. You do not need to open an incidence by email to update your information.
    • Incorporates managers for companies billing services (SMOOTH).

    Estos administradores podrán gestionar toda la funcionalidad de la ESF. Se diferencian dos tipos de administradores:

    • The portal administrators . Se identifican mediante NIF y podrán gestionar la ESF únicamente en el portal web: sus plataformas, autorizaciones y asociaciones de unidades receptoras-plataformas de facturación.
    • WS administrators . Se identifican por el PEM del certificado con el que se firmarán las peticiones SOAP de las interfaces Clients e Invoicing Services. Sólo estos administradores podrán hacer las llamadas de estas interfaces.

    Esta distinción entre los administradores responde a nuevas medidas de seguridad, que implican de su parte dar de alta, a través del portal web, al menos un administrador tipo administrador de WS, que le permitan firmar las peticiones SOAP relativas a las interfaces de Clients e Invoicing Services.

    The requests of the Invoice interface will not suffer any change will be signing certificates identified as electronic billing Platforms.

    Have all the documentation updated CTT: https ://

    07 February 2019

    The version of the extension 1.0 remains obsolete Unshade accordion

    Pasados más de 6 meses desde la puesta en Producción del sistema FACeB2B y la extensión de Facturae que permiten a las entidades privadas facturarse entre sí a través de sus proveedores de servicios de facturación. Y existiendo en la actualidad la versión 1.0 y la versión 1.1 de la extensión. Se considera que, para evitar complicaciones de gestión y facilitar el uso del servicio, se debe mantener únicamente como válida la versión más actual de la extensión.

    Therefore starting next July 1 be admitting in FACeB2B invoices with the extension 1.0. By Accepting from that date Only invoices with the extension 1.1.

    More information at https ://

    31 July 2018

    Published new version of the system FACeB2B Unshade accordion

    Se ha publicado la nueva versión del sistema FACeB2B. Entre las mejoras del sistema, caben destacar las siguientes:

    • Multiple authorizations client DIRe units to a SMOOTH.
    • Possibility of modification of the SMOOTH data from the portal.
    • New version (1.1) of the extension of FACeB2B for electronic invoice.
    • FACeB2B label.

    Version 1.0 of the extension of FACeB2B virtual format, will remain valid. Be notified with time when you go to be removed from the system FACeB2B, so that the integrators can make the necessary changes.

    28 June 2018

    FACeB2B in production Unshade accordion

    It puts at the disposal of companies distribution platform of electronic invoice between companies FACeB2B.

    This system, reflected in the thirty-second additional provision of the law 9/2017, 8 November, of government contracts, allows subcontractors of contractors of public administrations sending invoices electronically. Giving the presentation of their bills of a registered seat. Which testifies to the date and time of the presentation of the same. Alternatively you can be used in relations B2B, not directly related to public procurement as a system that encourages the interconnection of various platforms deprived of existing electronic invoicing.

    El sistema está compuesto por un portal web de gestión de clientes y de empresas de servicios de facturación https :// , and a number of web services interfaces to the computer systems of utilities billing or customers can connect to the system and send and receive electronic invoice.

    La documentación de usuario y documentación técnica del sistema está disponible en el Centro de Transferencia y Tecnología en la url:

    11 June 2018

    Available evidence environment FACeB2B Unshade accordion

    Has been published testing environment the electronic billing system between companies FACeB2B reflected in the thirty-second additional provision of the law 9/2017, 8 November, public Sector Contracts. Equally has been updated documentation of integration.

    The url of web portal is https :// . System documentation and documentation of integration is available in the centre of transfer and Technology, url: .

    03 May 2018

    Documentation WS FACeB2B published Unshade accordion

    Has been published in the downloads section of the documentation of the three interfaces FACeB2B web services. The consumption of the platform has been divided by resources (invoice, company billing services, customer).

    In the downloads section you will find for each of the three interfaces a presentation with an explanation of the methods of each. As well as a ZIP with technical information for their integration.

    En el fichero ZIP de la interfaz INVOICE se ha incluido información-estructura sobre la respuesta a la validación de firma y la extensión fb2b_extension que recoge los campos DIRe e información de la administración contratante para las facturas recogidas en la ley 9/2017 art.216 y d.a.32ª.

    La documentación de la interfaz INVOICE ha sido actualizada. La información de los cambios puede encontrarse en el changelog dentro del .ZIP.

    Documentation of the interface INVOCINGSERVICES has been published.

    Documentation of the interface CLIENTS has been published.


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