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FACe - Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la AGE

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    • Momentum of assignments of credit.
    • Integration with Represents.

    Functional description


    FACe is the General point of entry of Electronic Invoices that the General administration of the rule makes available to citizens to submit and check the status of their electronic invoices addressed to the more than eight thousand public administrations affixed to the system.

    FACe is an integral system enables management of electronic invoicing between suppliers and public administrations, giving each part of the necessary tools for managing electronic invoices. Everything described in the services offered to Suppliers and agencies is available in web services.

    The services offered for suppliers are:

    • Bill validator: the supplier may check if your electronic invoice meets the validations necessary to submit an invoice in front, which are: Virtual format (3.2, 3.2.1 or 3.2.2), signature of the invoice, the relationship of administrative centres or if it has already been presented at FACe.
    • Transfer of invoices: the supplier shall submit the invoice completed and signed. Furthermore may refer to 5 annexes in PDF and HTML. Within the invoice may also be append documents in PDF (all versions of Virtual) and HTLM (only version 3.2.2).
    • The checker CSV vouchers: when forwarding an invoice in front you get a receipt with the registration number and details of the invoice sent. To give legal validity to that proof, FACe incorporates a CSV (verification Insurance Code).
    • Consultation of invoices: suppliers may consult the state of their bills at any time, as well as their request for cancellation, if necessary.
    • Gestión de integradores: FACe pone a disposición de los proveedores la posibilidad de gestionar sus facturas a través de servicios web, pero para poder utilizarlos deben darse de alta en el portal como integradores e informar del certificado con el que establecerán la conexión.
    • Directory: FACe makes available information providers of public administrations affixed and their relationships.
    • Search engine of Points: although FACe is the General point of Entry of invoices for the overall management of the state, there are other entry points of invoices used by public administrations and FACe offers all available information.
    • Companies of billing services: FACe puts at the disposal of suppliers a list of companies that are already connected to FACe and equipped with electronic billing services.

    The services offered for agencies are:

    • Management of invoices: agencies can download the invoice sent by the supplier for its management and evolution. Can also handle the application that has initiated the supplier of acceptance, with what the evolution of the invoice ends, or rejecting it, bringing the evolution of the invoice is continuing.
    • Management of units: the units DIR to which you can send invoices must have a specific role: as an Accounting Office, Manager and Body Tramitadora Unit. Members of agencies with proper permissions may manage their units and set the appropriate role.
    • Management of relations: for an electronic invoice can be referred to an administration That has to have a connection between the previous roles. The members of the agencies may provide many relationships as required to manage your accountant billing

    Technical Description

    Technical Description

    • PHP 5.6
    • Oracle 11g
    • Apache Server
    • Angle 2
    • Connectivity with services of:
      • @firma
      • cl@ve
      • Cl@vefirma
      • Represents
      • REC
      • DIR3
      • CSV Storage
      • Q. AGE
      • Q. Institutions
      • Q. EELL
      • Mail server
      • NAS server
      • Redis server