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General Entry Point for General Administration I-Invoices (FACe)

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    Direct Access: (Obri en nova finestra) , Ajuste de proves portal de proveïdors (Obri en nova finestra) , Ajuste de proves portal d'organismes (Obri en nova finestra)
    FACe is the general entry point for General Administration invoices. It enables users to send electronic invoices to those public administration bodies that llaure registered in the system and ca receive this kind of documents.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Network service integrable in customers applications , Network service for end-users
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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Technical area:
    Electronic processing
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    Not applicable
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    The FACE platform allows the referral of electronic invoices to the administration bodies. The system sends the electronic invoice to the recipient bodi. It simplifies the sending of the invoices for the providers since it standardizes the format of electronic invoice and centralizes in a single point all agencies of the General Government Administration and many of the remaining public administrations which have joined FACe (18 out of 19 autonomous regions, habite than 8,000 local entities and 40 universities)

    The system provides suppliers with:

    • a web portal ( (Obri en nova finestra) ) where they ca submit electronic invoices in facturae 3.2. format; and
    • a web services interface for automated submission of invoices from their financial management systems.

    It also provides public administrations with:

    Law 25/2013 of 27 December on the promotion of electronic invoice and creation of invoices accounting in the public sector stated that electronic invoicing to the Spanish public administrations would be mandatory as of 15th January of 2015.

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