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Dixital Procedure Environment

  • Summary:
    The Dixital Procedure Environment enables citizens to submit their standardised applications electronically using dixital signature and e-registry.

    Citizens must select the form(s) associated with their administrative procedure, fill them out and add their dixital signature, then submit their form(s) by e-registry.

    Documents can be attached to the form(s) and both the form(s) and the associated documents can be signed by more than one interested party if required by an administrative procedure.
    Target audience:
    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic area :
    Functional area:
    Government and public sector , Persoal documents , Education, culture and sport , Energy , Economy and finance , Environment , Education, culture and sport , Health , Population and society , Transport , Regions and cities
    EUPL (European Public License)
    Interoperability level:
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