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The application is a desktop tool which allows you to select a file and initially check their effectiveness against the XSDs of paper and electronic file; in addition, lets you edit those files initially "name =" twitter: description "/>

PAe - CTT - General - implementation of validation XSD schemes of paper and electronic file.
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XSD Schema Validation for E-Documents and Files (ENIValidator)

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    ENIValidator is an application to validate e-file and document occurrences against the XSD schemata stipulated in the applicable Technical Interoperability Standards of the National Interoperability Framework. It can also be used to view XML files.

    It is a desktop tool to select XML files and validate them against e-file/document XSD schemata. It also enables users to edit XML files.
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    Any Public Administration
    Installable product
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    Open source application
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    Technical area:
    Standardization and regulation, Management of services and systems
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    Government and public sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Windows, Unix, Linux
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