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Advanced Services Online to the Local administration

  • Functional description

    • Basic processing services

    Include all procedures that manages the City

    • Advanced processing services

    With the electronic signature (Class Certificates FNMT 2) allows any citizen can perform any action without having to go to the offices of the municipality. With this system the citizen may pay their debts, consult and/or vary data from its standard, etc.

    • Bank gateway

    The system of digital signature certificates with Class 2 of FNMT will allow us to identify the users who access can sign the order of transfer as if sign an order in his office usual bank. (Only payments can be made in entities specified in the portal)

    Technical Description


    Para garantizar al máximo la seguridad del sistema, se ha realizado la instalación de una pasarela para la comunicación del servidor web con los sistemas internos del ayuntamiento. La pasarela solo admite conexiones desde el servidor web, el protocolo utilizado es SOAP sobre SSL utilizando certificados para la comunicación entre ambos equipos.
    La pasarela gestiona tanto solicitudes de consulta de datos como de modificación de los mismos.
    The equipment used as a gateway is a IBM x206 with OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    Services on the system are:

    • Apache 2, such as HTTP server.
    • MySQL, as a database.
    • PHP as programming language.
    • OpenLDAP as directory services.
    • Sedmail SMTP server
General access point
General access point

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