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Modernization Plan do concello de Llanes (Phase I)

  • Short Name:
    The project deals with the planning and creation of SIAC.
    Target audience:
    Agencies Responsible:
    Llanes City
    Participating Agencies:
    Llanes City

    Noemí González Santiago
    985400102 – Fax 985401755

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Management systems and services
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    Full name of the initiative:

    Modernization Plan do concello de Llanes (Phase I)



    Its objectives are: the creation of an information service and attention to the citizen who redirects municipal politics, putting it at the service of the citizen, cataloguing, design and documentation of municipal files and the introduction in the IRE and performance evaluation.

    The ultimate goal of the modernization Plan that started with this first phase, is to achieve a council 24x7x365 involving not only the provision of citizens of quality information, but the real telematics processing administrative procedures.

    It is that a large part of the municipal processings presentació accessible to citizens, and particularly disadvantaged sectors or difficulties in this (accessibility) and SMEs, as an essential element of Community policies.


    The project is supported by the creation of an information service and attention to the citizen to act as the engine of change in the municipal administration.

    Addresses the planning and creation of SIAC, cataloguing and design of files and documentation, the implementation of a knowledge management system that allows the monitoring and control of municipal policies, the introduction of a corporate management tool that controls the entire life cycle of administrative acts: record, digitization of documents, document management, records management, management of government bodies and resolutions, wealth management, administrative and historical file, alarms, exploitation statistics, etc, automation of personnel management...



    • Design, installation and commissioning of the Integral Service of attention to the Citizen (SIAC) as central structure do concello acting as an ally of the citizen to redirect any municipal activity in the service.
    • Master Plan of procedures of the SIAC:
    • An inventory and catalogue of corporate procedures with descriptive data sheets of each of them.
    • Obtaining the current process of each procedure and, prior study, restructuring and rationalization, improved process for its administrative simplification. Improved processes, once adopted, implemented in the tool of corporate governance.
    • Definition of a manual corporative image and adaptation of the templates generation of documentation to set guidelines.
    • Reunification and simplification of templates used for corporate documentary production and development of a catalogue of templates.
    • Plan of implantation of management through CMI.
    • Management Software files and personnel management.
    • Hardware necessary for the launch of the file manager.
    • Documento de criterios objetivos para la asignación de retribuciones por productividad.


    Se trata de incidir decisivamente en la administración municipal con el fin de conseguir una administración en la que los ciudadanos puedan ejercitar los derechos recogidos en el proyecto de ley para el acceso electrónico de los ciudadanos a las administraciones públicas. Para ello, el plan que se presenta, se focaliza en el Servicio de Información y Atención Integral al Ciudadano (SIAIC) con el fin de que el mismo ofrezca:

    • The maximum accessibility.
    • The maximum interoperability.
    • The maximum simplicity.
    • Added value.
    • Security

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