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In spain Georreferenciación

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    Production environment AEGEAN (Opens in new window)
    AEGEAN ONE is a common service offered by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function to all the AAPP, easy to use and at no cost, which allows the creation of interactive maps for presentation in web portals, tables command and other applications without knowledge or geo-referencing additional developments. Provides an environment for managing these maps based on a simple configuration and templates of data with a simple structure (Excel, CSV or XML).
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Network service insertable in customer applications
    Service in network to end user


    There is a form to open incidences and request for improvements:

    https :// (Opens in new window)


    Can also be in contact through the mailbox:


    There is a distribution list for users of AEGEAN ONE through which are broadcast notifications on:

    - New versions
    - Changes in the platform
    - Patches
    - Problems relevant/bugs
    - New Stuff

    To this list, you can subscribe to users, both technical staff and managers of public administrations that are using AEGEAN. to register you can use the following link. (Opens in new window)

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP
    Subtype of data model:
    Information structure (semantic Standard)
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    JSP, J2EE, Web Services
    Operating system:


    AEGEAN ONE is a service for the AAPP, easy to use, which allows the representation of interactive maps with geo-referenced data in portals, tables command and other applications, without making software developments. it provides maps and search engines georeferenced resources, both on official maps of the BOARD (National Geographic Institute), as GoogleMaps and OpenStreetMap. Moreover, you can display graphics (of lines, area, bars, columns and sectors) and data tables.

    AEGEAN ONE, as a common service is framed in the meedidas seeking the rationalization of the use of basic services for the administration, hence the objectives of this service are:

    • Enhance the use of common services aimed at all the AAPP.
    • Promote the reuse of resources, with the consequent impact on costs.
    • Facilitate transparency of administrations allowing the representation of data and indicators in maps that can be integrated into portals, control panels, etc.

    AEGEAN provides a direct savings in time and resources to not having the administrations that develop a module similar. Additionally contributes to the transparency of information to facilitate the representation and dissemination of information and indicators on maps, clear and simple manner.


    18 January 2018

    EGEO - La AEAT geolocaliza sus oficinas de servicios centrales con EGEO Unshade accordion

    The State Agency for tax administration puts at its headquarters, available to citizens, maps with the location of its headquarters equipped with Aegean one.

    https :// other _/_ Directions _ and _ telefonos _/services _ Power _/services _ Power _ .shtml


    24 October 2016

    Moves to OpenLayers AEGEAN Unshade accordion

    AEGEAN has been migrated to Open Source technology (OpenLayers), to reduce the technological dependency of third (Google), which will enable considerably reducing resource consumption commercial. This measure linked to an improvement in geographical services provided by the AEGEAN personalized for FIRE, as well as the integration with Cadastre will make a significant cost savings.

    The new version of AEGEAN ONE used preferably maps of the BOARD and allows the burden of georeferenced data besides by postal addresses, coordinates, codes INE, etc by references cadastral postal codes and census sections.

    18 July 2016

    AEGEAN ONE: Is already available the layer of countries UE Unshade accordion

    Map of countries of the UE Ya está disponible en EGEO la capa de paises de la UE (Capa ICC 3166-1),  que permite la carga y  visualización de mapas coropléticosde los paises de la UE. Se utilizan códigos Iso 3166-1 (Iso Country Code), más información en el manual de uso.

    16 January 2015

    New version with important developments AEGEAN Unshade accordion

    AEGEAN ONE is a service for the geo-referencing AAPP, accessible from the cloud of SARA Network, which allows the representation and display of any kind of geo-referenced data, without any technical implementation. new version already available for testing of integration allows the representation of maps theme (of areas), georeferenced (of locations) and magnitude (localized values), both on official maps of the National Geographic Institute (BOARD) as Google Maps.

    The new version allows online translations postal addresses to coordinates for georeferenced maps and select the FIRE service or GoogleMaps for translation. The user downloads the file of translations and checks that are correct (or must make changes in order to greater accuracy) and once verified loading the file with the coordinates.

    Display layers: The new version allows you to select the layers of the BOARD or Google, to generate the url to embed in external applications or to preview the map within the application.


    03 October 2014

    Start of production of AEGEAN Unshade accordion

    • The Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations makes available to the public administrations AEGEAN ONE, a service of interactive maps for presentation in web portals, without the need for geo-referencing knowledge or further developments.

    The objective of this platform is easier for the different public administrations a common service through a management application standards and maps of data interchange (Excel files, XML or web services), provide interactive thematic maps for presentation at portals, control panels, etc, without the need for geo-referencing knowledge or perform any technical implementation.

    Crear un mapa temático será tan sencillo como darlo de alta en la plataforma  y adjuntar los datos georreferenciados (por Comunidad Autónoma, Provincia, Población o bien punto georreferenciado).


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